0.Danny is 0.Done


Congratulations to all contributors on the release! This beast has been a long time coming. You all should be proud. (Though I feel the lack of waffles leaves it woefully incomplete :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:).


Amazing. I just came back to the game this week after a busy year+ away, and finished my first deathmobile in 0.C. Minutes ago, you could have found me looking up robot controls in the wiki (before stepping on the gas the first time) and spotting 0.D referenced in turrets below that.

I can’t wait, but my first agonized thought is: is it backward compatible?

Edit: wow… this is massive. I hadn’t seen that this is coming, and I am profoundly impressed by this community!


Characters from recent 0.C experimentals definitely are, if that’s what you’re asking. I just used the CDDA Game Launcher app to install 0.D (latest experimental) and everything is running smooth as far as I can tell.


i got some tanking performance in 0-D here… maybe because of my world i used from 0-C or my PC…

it hangs when i encounter a bandit, 21 second hangs.


I think O.D isn’t supposed to have z-levels enabled, something I remember Kevin mentioning earlier…


welp… fixed by deleting my old world from 0-C experimental (was a good map)

make new world and all becomes running smoothly…


Sweet. I’ve been waiting for this release to give DDA another go :slight_smile:


Amazing work, everyone.


2 days in, I really love it.

I especially want to thank whoever put the hours in reworking lab generation. What an amazing improvement! If anyone knows who, let me know so I can write them a little note? :slight_smile:


'Twas @Brian_Lefler.


Can’t wait to play the latest release, as always CDDA continues to be the greatest game out there!


omg, i’ve lost my latest save (my zomboharvester and everything, yikes) because of the quiet upgrade my arch did on me (yes, there’s no such thing, it was just me not reading all the update info), but you know what? i don’t care, because 0.D is soooo coool! thank you, i’m even more in love with cataclysm: dda than before (after like 5 years playing it).