Cataclysm DDA 0.5 Released

Windows download
Source is available at as always.

Features - Check the changelog for a full list

[ul][li]Many new details added to mapgen! New buildings, ruined vehicles on roads, and so on.[/li]
[li]Much more modding-friendly: MANY bits of data have been moved into data files, rather than being hardcoded in the source.[/li]
[li]A handful of recipes can be learned from sources other than just leveling your skills.[/li]
[li] Artifacts should save/load properly now![/li]
[li]Assorted UI tweaks and improvements.[/li]
[li]Weather radio and directional antenna.[/li]
[li]Rain funnels - first step towards proper rain barrels.[/li]
[li]Robust Genetics and dodging have both been significantly rebalanced, and should actually be useful.[/li]
[li]Zombies wear damaged clothing.[/li]
[li]Tailoring is more important, and string is easier to acquire.[/li]
[li]New content all around![/li]
[li]Numerous bugfixes.[/li][/ul]

OS X build should be up sometime today.

I’m ready to die now.

My 0.4 world had the best spawn ever. :frowning: Time for new horizons… D:

30 minutes till i’m off work! dear lord YES!

Do we have zlevels code merged in the main branch in 0.5? I don’t see it in the pull-requests list. Btw, this list became much smaller…

Finally 0.5 is out, a few hours(till I get home and on a decent PC as opposed to a laptop that can barely run) from now and I can play it.
Current mood: :smiley:

FYI, the version.cpp and the Windows executable link’s splash screen still show “0.4-git” despite the new 0.5 build.

Sweet baby raptor jesus, I hope it works on this school computer.

I thought I would never see this! The 0.5 just made me smile like an idiot and go “YES! YES!” for a little while. Can’t wait to check this out! A big thank you to everyone who works on this! =]

Pretty much just ignore the version string for the windows builds right now. At some point it’ll be updated to use the git repo, but for now the number in the title bar is right.

[quote=“uzername, post:4, topic:1210”]Nice!
Do we have zlevels code merged in the main branch in 0.5? I don’t see it in the pull-requests list. Btw, this list became much smaller…[/quote]
No. We’re interested in a more robust system than the ones that have been proposed to be merged. We probably won’t have that ready for .6 either - with a lot of the behind-the-scenes structural changes we’re making it would have to be rewritten anyway. We are definitely building towards it, but there is a lot more that needs to be done at ground level first. Personally, I’m hoping to see it in .7, which is probably still a couple months out.

Oh! I didn’t really even notice that, I only noticed the version on the main menu.

By the way, been playing for an hour and loving it, even if I did die to a stupid zombie dog. Hardcore really changes how I approach situations, definitely seems like it’ll up the challenge level for me. (Usually I never die, just get bored, so this is great!) Thanks for all your hard work once again!

As always, a cracking release. I’m also pleased that vehicles are now somewhat nerfed in towns, means you have to work to get to those treasure troves (shops). Not one crash with NPC’s on either, you guys deserve a pat on the back (or two).

Sooooooooo… What can I say? Good job and… stuff. There

Dudes, standup job you’re doing! 3 hours into the build and I’m super happy with it.
Rolled an archer character, no bugs noticed, funnels work properly, and liquids can’t be stored just in the inv (the very last nightly build had that…odd feature).

Static NPC’s working without problem, though the above post about no crashes makes me think I should switch the roamers back on.

EDIT: Actually, looks like wielders are bugged. I filled one up to 500 charge, and it won’t diminish when i’m repairing this pickup.

Strangely enough, Its “laggy” or “slow” when im reading a book or hitting someone, like if it was hard for the game to process whats going on in the screen. Also noticed the game sometimes goes totally black for a second and then goes back to normal.
Fresh 0.5

I have but one thing to say…

and here i am kanoodling with my girlfriend like a fool when a new build is out! thanks guys, good work - always appreciated and at such rapid speed!

ofc you are :smiley:

Can I be happy? Sysfont zombie says: “Yes”.