0.C-11816-g478a540 - No mags mod: Guns can take minutes to reload


Magazines disabled. The M27 IAR (rifle type weapon, 50 round capacity) takes up to 10 minutes to reload. That is while having the ammo in the inventory and holding the empty rifle in hands. Unloading, in turn, takes 5 minutes. This is with a brand new game in a brand new world. The gun and ammo were conjured with debugging at the beginning. The character is healthy and unencumbered. Under same conditions, the HK 416A5 (30 round capacity) takes 3m12s.

I have noticed the exact durations can change. In my older game (#4517, also with no mags mod), the reload/unload durations are around 7m12s and 3m30s respectively for the M27, with some fluctuation. It is unknown to me why the durations can change, or why the fluctuation happens. Skill level related? Arm/hand encumbrance?

At any rate, I would think reloading times taking several minutes is unacceptable.