Modding Issues/Help Request

So I’ve got one currently public mod and another in progress, but I’m somewhat limited by what I can do in both because of a couple of things. If someone has a bright idea or if a dev could implement something to make what I’m trying to do possible, that’d be awesome.

First of all, I’m trying to redo power armor with artifact bonuses so that it can give you a strength bonus and I can control power usage. Thing is, that would mean losing the climate control since that’s tied to the current power armor activation code.
Is there any way that I could work around that? Is there perhaps a flag I don’t know about that gives an item climate control? Could that be easily added?

Second, I wanted to add some gunmods that reduce the time it takes to reload something, along the lines of a magazine feed for a bow or crossbow. Is there any way to do that, and if not, could that be added as a value for gunmods?

In the same vein as above, I’d also need gunmods to be able to increase the internal magazine of a gun, could that be implemented? Is there a way to do it already?

I think these three things could be reasonably useful for future content as well.

As for “reload_time”, it is a variable within the the magazine JSON files, not the gun mods.
i.e. the magazine dictates how bulky or cumbersome it is and consequently how difficult / time-consuming it is to fit into the firearm.

But I suspect when you say “reload time”, you might actually mean fire-rate, i.e. how long it takes to chamber another round and fire. In which case I’d suggest looking in the gun mods folder for something to copy and alter.
data/json/items/gunmod/magazine.json might be uselful to you.

Not sure what you mean by “internal magazine of a gun”. But if all you actually want is a larger magazine then: I’d just copy one of these JSON files and modify them to your specifications.
then add the custom mag to the guns compatible magazine lists.

also find the code for the “repeating crossbow”, it might help you out.

sorry if my reply doesn’t make much sense… sleepy. best of luck.

I’m looking at bows and crossbows primarily, which have a “reload” value determining the time it takes to load their 1 round internal magazine. Well, that’s how it’s handled by the game anyway. Since there isn’t a magazine involved, there’s no way to actually modify the reload time. Not that I’ve found, anyway.

That said, I might experiment with magazines to achieve my ends, but I’m not particularly hopeful.

To my knowledge firerate isn’t handled beyond the number of rounds fired per turn.

Internal “magazines” are the internal ammunition capacity of a gun that doesn’t actually accept magazines, like the repeating crossbow or pneumatic bolt driver. Handled ingame by the “clip_size” value. It limits how many rounds/arrows/whatever you can stick directly into a gun, and there’s currently no way (i know of) to modify it on an existing item. I’m also fairly certain that a gun can’t have both an internal magazine and the ability to accept magazines, so I suspect using magazines to do what I want won’t work.

From the repeating crossbow:
"clip_size" : 10,

Thanks for your input though, I might examine the magazines more thoroughly and see if that bears fruit.

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