Ammo bandoliers, trap vests and side-saddle mod

Ammo bandoliers, trap vests and a sidesaddle mod for shotguns and rifles. All of these would increase reloading speed for firearms. you would need to ‘reload’ the bandolier/vest/sidesaddle, but it can cut your reload times in half if you don’t have to go digging in a pocket for shells.

any thoughts?

IRL personal experience from informal clay shooting, it’s quicker to reload a shotgun pulling shells out of a box in canteen pouch then plucking them out of a sidesaddle or one of those Subcomandante Marcos style bandoleers because you can grab a fistful at a time and pop them in one after another and don’t really have to break posture or even your cheek weld if you don’t want to.

I’m assuming by the way storage is abstracted, your box of shotgun shells are in big trenchcoat pockets or in a fanny pack or utility vest or otherwise easily accessible and not say, buried in a rucksack or your cargo pockets.

I really want us to have to fill our own magazines (as well as find/craft them) manually, then I think the game would be a lot more challenging, gun wise. You might have a kickass modded desert eagle but if you only have the single mag, you’re going to need to refill the magazine by hand before it can go into the gun. Would also add an option to load a round into the top itself (on guns that permit that) just in case you need that bullet then and there.
EDIT: Also craft two magazines together (with some duct tape or glue) and BAM you’ve got yourself a double mag, essentially what the spare mag does.

Im pretty sure that the reload time is only meant to simulate how long it would take you to grab the mag manually fill it with bullets and load it again into your gun, with guns that have no mags/internal mags its probably just the time you spend doing the action and placing the bullet.

The time it would take you searching for them in your inventory is not a factor for now, so it makes no sense to bandoliers (and other items) to help with anything, they could however be a way to carry ammo without using your main storage volume (like quivers)

Given the reload time of a lot of guns (Wow, 30+ seconds to reload a G3, I could reload a belt fed MG in less than a third of the time.) that is exactly it.
In fact, I’ve messed with the reload speeds of most guns and given them all the RELOAD_ONE tags once or twice.

But yeah, we all desperately want magazine simulation in but I’m reasonably sure it’s a nightmare coding it for now.