[0.A Stable + Experimental] Mininuke Launcher is a rifle?

So I was browsing the online item index, and I came across the mininuke launcher… Which is classified as a rifle rather than a launcher? Is this intentional, or just an oversight? Here’s the json code for the mininuke launcher below:

{ "id": "mininuke_launcher", "type": "GUN", "symbol": "(", "color": "dark_gray", "name": "mininuke launcher", "description": "A powerful handheld spring mortar handcrafted from scrap. Made to launch modified handheld nuclear weapons, it is an exceedingly powerful weapon.", "price": 750000, "material": ["aluminum", "wood"], "flags": ["RELOAD_ONE", "STR_RELOAD", "NEVER_JAMS"], "skill": "rifle", "ammo": "mininuke_mod", "weight": 11260, "volume": 11, "bashing": 12, "cutting": 0, "to_hit": -1, "ranged_damage": 0, "range": 12, "dispersion": 20, "recoil": 20, "durability": 7, "burst": 0, "clip_size": 1, "reload": 800 },