[0.9 Stable] Hot legs

Pretty self-explanatory, see the screenshot below. It seems that the game mixed up between cold/chilly legs and hot legs. I just ascended from a lab so that should be cold legs instead.

Have an encounter with subspace creatures recently? I’ve noticed they seem to cause that kind of confusion…

Probably a bug, but could be a feature. In the event of extreme hypothermia IRL you start to feel hot rather than cold. People who have gotten locked in walk-in freezers are usually found with all of their clothes removed because in their last moments of life their brain thought they were burning to death and they ripped off all their clothes.

I haven’t encountered one AFAIK, though that could be one of the reasons.

Hmm it’s possible I guess but if that’s the case, isn’t it would be more sensible to have a different description for this?

s-s-s-ss–s-s-ssooo-o-o-o-o-o-o ccocoo-c-cooo-o-o-llld-d-d-d-d-d-dd… Oh god, I’m of fire!

I still find that funny for some reason.

As for the message in the game I’m guessing that’s a bug.

IIRC it’s actually this (though it has been reported as a bug several times before, so I’m kinda on the fence about changing it or not). When you are really cold you do feel that you are overheating, to the point where there have been several times where hypothermia victims have been thought to have been rape victims due to the fact that they are found naked since they stripped from thinking they were too hot.

To note, Hypothermia also causes severe apathy and confusion in real life. I don’t know if that’s included, but it should be. Often times, people will just give up trying to survive because of it, and this would be neat to model in game.

Maybe a hit in morale?

I’m for keeping the perception error of too hot, but the description needs a re-work somehow, agree. Just adding an update on the righthand screen, “Your legs feel …inexplicably hot??” might be enough, along with that current Hot Legs! penalty setup. Just something to point out that we’re aware within the game’s context that something’s not right. If the game text is aware something’s up, the player will have a cue it’s not a bug.


I don’t think that’s it, there is or was a status message that would pop up in the log that says “you feel extremely hot!” when you’re freezing to represent the condition, but I don’t think we fake the status we report on the @ screen.

RE: Hypothermic disorentation etc, that falls under “involuntary player actions are bad mmmkay”, which is why we don’t have anything to represent it.

I’m with Kevin on this, sounds more like a bug than a feature, especially since it’s displaying both “chilly legs” and “Hot legs!” at the same time.