Terrible Advise (Minor Bug)

Apparently, when one’s head is freezing and has gone so numb that one can’t even feel it anywhere, the only way to warm it up is to undress. :stuck_out_tongue:

A rather minor bug, but misleading none-the-less.

From Wikipedia:

Twenty to fifty percent of hypothermia deaths are associated with paradoxical undressing. This typically occurs during moderate to severe hypothermia, as the person becomes disoriented, confused, and combative. They may begin discarding their clothing, which, in turn, increases the rate of heat loss.

I think this is the game’s way of representing that.

[quote=“Rivet, post:2, topic:1724”]I think this is the game’s way of representing that.[/quote]I seem to recall having heard from Shoes the same thing; can’t recall if it was in the warmth mod thread or in IRC (or if it happened at all, even).