Zoos & Escaped Animals

So there were plenty of zoos before the cataclysm. What happened to the animals? I’m sure many of them starved, and probably revived as zombies in their cages.

But some might have escaped, before or after they became zombified. Can you imagine wandering around and running into a ZOMBIE ELEPHANT.

Or even a normal elephant.


Meh, I doubt they would be any more dangerous than a Hulk or Jabberwock… Unless the slime evolved them to be like from Berserk.

Maybe its just my memories of playing Dwarf Fortress, but a zombie elephant seems like it would be terrifying. That is several tons of big, angry, undead muscle and tusks. I imagine its sheer mass and volume would make fighting one like trying to kill an abrams tank made out of meat. You would have to use anti-tank weapons, high explosives, or LOTS of incendiaries on it.

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BoatMurdered. Elephants can be scary, and vengeful.

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An elephant never forgets…TO KILL!

“It may have been the end of the world but Ralph and his gang were still surprised when Jim came rampaging through downtown on his armoured war elephant.”

I want a war elephant Ralph wished wistfully to himself, looking down sullenly at his rifle and thinking about how many zombies he couldn’t kill with it.”


is it possible to add big park in one of the cities where the zoo animals eat some grass and when they spot you they ran away?

like i mean, New York Park sized park?