I miss Zombears so much

In the past they used to visit my home during midnight, breaking my windows and inviting me to play with them while I was sleeping.

Now they never visit me during my sleep. I miss them so much. =[

Is the spawning mechanism for wild life changed? I can see less animals in the wild.

I’ve noticed that animals are far rarer in experimental builds than last stable. In 0.A you could just sit around in a suburb and 40 animals would pass by per day.

They’ve fled from the Zoose. All things fear the Zoose. Zoose wait behind the walls. Zoose does not attack while you sleep, because Zoose feed on the fear in the eyes of their victims. Zoose do not care about your human structures, nowhere is safe from Zoose. There is no escape from Zoose, not even death.

most zombified wildlife i see near roads and fields what are close to forest zombear and antler horrors (zoose) are most common
grim howlers (zolfs) are much rarer and hunt mostly alone (not in packs like before) zombie dogs are mostly in towns but much rarer than before in wild they are uncommon but more common than before

its my personal observation on 2.0 zombie spawn

Wild life seems not to respawn near cities too. After i killed and ate all the animals near town, no more animals appear again. (played for 1 game year)

yea i do not see wildlife on roads and plains my main food source is big worms (new world and character because i am to lazy to install these 5k of cbms) good that i have light eater (first time i pick up this trait!)