Zoos, Dinosaur Parks, and Fairgrounds

Massive structures like the ones in the title are, I’m sure, difficult to implement, but I think it would be a huge boon to gameplay.
Each structure could be fenced in and locked up, and opening them could allow for new monsters to be spawned in the world.

Zoos, for example, could have stuff like lions, elephants, tigers, komodo dragons, etc., both living and zombified versions, depending on how the structure generates. Once you throw the cage-unlock switch or whatever, animals from the zoo could not only escape, but start breeding in the wild. Now, a breeding system would be a bit overly complex, so I’d suggest that freeing the zoo creatures would just result in things like lion cubs and baby elephants being spawned after a while.

They could grow up and spread, somewhat akin to the already-implemented fungus critters.
Additionally, I’d like to see unique pelts for different animals, just because it’d be cool to have like, a bearskin rug on my floor, or a lion pelt on my mantle. Some sort of big game hunting system would be rad.

The dinosaur parks, which I feel already have canonical potential because of things like raptor serum, could work in much the same way as zoos, except with dinosaurs being released instead. Both zoos and dinosaur parks could have tranquilizer guns in them, so you could knock out animals in game, and possibly start your own zoo/lab/private hunting reserve.

Fairgrounds could be suuuper terrifying, as they’d allow for things like zombie clowns and sideshow zombies. Apart from that, maybe some useful mechanical bits from the rides, and some junkfood from the stands.

Lemme know what you think!

Just as an aside, ‘raptor’ does not generally mean ‘velociraptor’. A raptor is a bird of prey, such as an eagle, falcon or hawk.

Quite true, though the mutations relating to the Raptor serum seem much more velociraptor-y than avian.

“Quick, Thick-Skinned, Deft, Glass Jaw, Animal Discord, Ugly, Fast Metabolism, Reptilian Eyes, Reptilian IR, Scales, Claws, Toe Talons, Raptor Tail, Strong, Very Dextrous, Extremely Perceptive, Slit Nostrils, Forked Tongue, Very Fast Metabolism, Carnivore, Very Heat Dependent, Hissing Voice, Shouter, Feathered Arms”

In Cataclysm, it does mean “velociraptor”. Eagles, falcons, and hawks didn’t get “two extinction events” directly referenced in Raptor threshold description.

Dinosaur parks are mod territory: DinoCataclysm at best.

Raptor mutagen dev here: Raptor mutagen is a bird/lizard hybrid mutagen cocktail, worked up in a helluva hurry by a brilliant lab researcher who watched DDA’s equivalent of Jurassic Park (it’s called “Cretaceous Land” in my original forum PR proposal) whilst the Cataclysm was in progress–you cannot go round-the-clock world-saving, brains don’t work that way–and thought focusing on semi-stable, survivable, and reusable shock-mutants would be more efficient than simply mashing all the potential combat mutagens into making drop-and-forget Chimerae. (I named the researcher Dr. Sattler both as another reference, and for lack of name-gen creativity at the time.)

So yeah, it’s not only “dinosaur” but expressly “movie dinosaur bird/lizard combination”. Unfortunately, the document you’ll find is an initial proposal and it’s dated the day you left the evac shelter in a default-settings start: five days after the Cataclysm. Chances are it was never actually applied to human subjects, much less put into use.

(Potential US Marshal quest line?)

I gotta say, I’d love a DinoCataclysm submod that limits dinosaurs to spawn around “zoos” or science labs.

Why would anybody release exotic zoo animals out into the mutagen-contaminated swamps anyways? Why would anybody not just shoot all the animals in their cages to loot their precious fat to make candles?

Some spawn locations don’t really make sense anyways. Pools and swimmer zombies, like, the world is ending, the police and military are battling extradimensional horrors, people are being rushed to hospitals and FEMA camps and shelters, so everyone actually decides to go out for a swim at the municipal pool, like you don’t have a job, but you still have cash cards tucked into your speedos?

Haha, well, I personally would love to have exotic critters, mutated or otherwise, roaming around my world.
I’ve gotten wayyy op, and I need a new challenge.
Also, sorta reminds me of all the zoo animals running around the city in 12 Monkeys.

Zombie T-rex Hulk