More Mutant animals

Now seeing as how there’s a drop in animal to zombie animal ratio as time goes by, I was hoping to explore the idea of more types of mutant animals.

A means to preserve the increasing difficulty of the game whilst reducing the cut in meat sources.

Like imagen a mutant animal that’s literally a mess of animals fused together; Slow but dangerous.
Or a Hydra with ever growing limbs like that of sheggorath.
The list could go on but I’m curious as to if this would work gameplay wise.

So yay or nay on the idea?

What exactly do you think a jabberwock is?

A giant mutant human (or thing) that fused or grew into a multitude of limbs and heads.

Which brings up a intresting case in that relation; the meat.

The Jabbereock understandably is inedible due to its advanced mutated form.
Now again understandably, the giant insects, snakes and super bears are instead edible since they are only supersized, not horribly mutated.

Which I guess in that regards would also make something as mutated as a Hydra inedible as well to be so changed.

So in terms of edible mutant animals their mutations would have to be restricted to keep them from being too tainted.
Mabye like a six legged horse or multi horned deer? Man eating chickens, balding dogs, super intelligent monkeys, giant eagles, etc etc etc.

Sounds like a great idea. If the humans zombies have mutated in so many different ways why not animals.

Landsharks… just saying. :smiley:

Nah, but acid hounds or razorbacks and the like would make some nice variety for the forest regions.

Actually land sharks would be pretty rad, that or hound sharks.

Imagen them just emerging from the water and chasing you with their newly formed legs, freaky haha.

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I’m told my Flesh Forest idea is being made. You may also use it if you get the munchies…if you have the stomach for it :wink:

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Ow yes! I read that. From freaky bone woods to killer gas, that’s definitely going to be an intresting playthrough.
Going to need to prep the recipies for some crazy dishes haha.

( Plus the flamethrower for some quick purging ).

I’m down for both the mutated animals and forests, a freaking cool idea.

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