Zoning a Vehicle?

So, I’ve been trying my hand at zones and stationary bases lately and noticed the NPC Retreat zone. It’s got me wondering if there’s some way of pinning a zone to a vehicle, or otherwise having NPC retreat there, drop off loot, etc. ? It seems a zone can be designated over the terrain a vehicle parks on, but that’s not really an ideal solution for a constantly moving object…

You can bind the loot zone inside your vehicle, even if its moving!
You just need to designate the zones manually per cargo :wink:

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Wow, thanks! I only thought to try setting groups of cargo before, not individual ones >.<

If anyone else finds this with the same problem, setting 1 tile on a seat (technically stores cargo) works for NPC retreat as well.

Yes, and I think the NPC tutorial will mention that. It was always intended that you could set retreat zones on vehicles for this exact reason.