NPC's riding on the side/back of vehicles

So I’ve noticed that while riding in your vehicle, NPC’s have an annoying tendency to try and shoot enemies, inevitably wasting ammo and damaging the vehicle without harming their target. While you CAN turn off their targeting all together, there might be a superior solution which will add more flexibility to vehicle design: Exterior seating and grips/footholds for vehicles. This would not be in the least unrealistic or unprecedented, firefighters and soldiers are well known for riding on the back, sides, or on top of vehicles (see images below). It would not be unbalanced either, as riding on the exterior would leave them vulnerable to impacts (no seatbelts), ranged/melee attacks, or being grabbed and pulled off by enemies.

I was thinking there would be two new parts:
1.) Climbing Mounts: Installed on a quarter panel or board to allow an NPC to climb onto that tile and sit down. Rider can shoot or attack adjacent enemies in melee, but is vulnerable to being thrown off.
2.) Footplate & Hand Holds: Installed on quarter panel or board, allows NPC to grab onto the vehicle and ride, but adjacent to the tile, not on it. The rider cannot shoot or attack, but is less vulnerable to being thrown off. (imagine NPC mounted to vehicle like an external tank or ram).

I know a cheese way to do it. Build your vehicle one tile out and space chairs on them. So for example
A=armor R=ram C=chair S=space
This would make it so that the NPCs can fire out in relative safety. Add seat belts for maximum safety. Then you don’t need a MOD.

Yeah, it’s pretty simple to add gunner chairs like that. Alternatively you could make the NPCs sit in a closed off cabin with no line of sight out

That is what I’m currently doing. I rebuilt a military truck for when I want to haul NPC’s anywhere. Has seating for 10 passengers.

With that gunnery chair configuration, are you putting them on the outside of your vehicle? Like the rams are at the front and back, the armor tile is an armored frame?
Example Vehicle:

X=Ram, Q=quarterpanel or board, – = blank space, A= armored frame, H =interior tile

My tank is already hard enough to navigate without adding more tiles for width.

Adding new seat parts for vehicles doesn’t seem like it would be difficult, or even remotely a stretch of reality/balance.

Yea you got what I was intending. But it should work as long as you don’t move super fast and there are no wrecks in the road. But if you drive in the middle of the road then you will likely not be stopped by wrecks.

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Yeah like inside big cities, which are covered in abandoned vehicles and wrecks.

Its not a bad way of doing it though. I still think adding new parts would be better however.

Until then, your method is DEFINITELY something to keep in mind for if I need to transport a bunch of NPCs back to base in a pinch, and I can avoid going through a city. When I got my current followers, (rescued 10 captives from a bandit camp) I had to fix up a cargo truck and drive them back, then return for my tank.

I think I’ve gotten NPCs to ride in open door spaces. But if you want, the folding parts pack mod has foldable seats made of sheets that go basically anywhere so long as there’s a frame to put it on. It’s a great space saver if you don’t care about seatbelts.

I think with a little careful driving you should be able to move through a city. Again slow and steady in a city something you should do anyways as buildings are kinda painful to drive through.

I don’t understand…you can get your NPCs to sit in their seats? All mine do is move about the car, pushing each other out of seats and yelling at me to move out the way.
I feel like a parent yelling at the kids to sit down. Except I don’t feel bad when one of them screws up and falls under the wheels.

It’s made gathering followers a non starter for me. I can’t travel with more than one or two, more than that and they start shoving each other under the wheels.

Yeah you have to sit in the driver’s seat but they’ll all find seats if you do.

Nope, I’m sitting in the only seat with controls, traveling 100mph down the road and with every turn, the NPCs anstreaming around in the vehicle, not at all concerned with sitting down. They ALL want to path through my space. It doesn’t matter where I’m at in the vehicle, they all want to path through my space. I have to wear ear plugs to sleep in the car or set them to guard. Otherwise I don’t sleep bc they stand over me and yell for me to move.
It sucks. Lots. The fact that I haven’t heard anything in the forums tells me it’s probably mod related, but I don’t have a clue where to start. Probably just do the tedious one at a time buulshit til I can track down the culprit.

I’ve never had that problem. They jostle around for a minute then everybody sits down. Though admittedly my experience with NPC’s and vehicles is limited to a single cross country road trip with ten NPCs I rescued from a bandit camp, all stuffed into a military cargo truck I stole from the bandits.

Does your vehicle have good access paths to the seats?
Is it custom built from the ground up, or did you just modify an existing vehicle?
Do they have seatbelts? Mine did not.
Using any mods that might affect pathing?
What version are you using? Mine is a month or so old, 0.C-8014
Do any of them have skill in driving?

I regularly have that problem in vehicles with them trying to path through me, but not when I’m in the driver’s seat. I’ve never had them try to path through me while sleeping, but that’s probably because I force them into exhaustion so that they’re ready to pass out as soon as I am.

I’ve been riding around with two followers for a couple in-game weeks and had no problem with them leaving their seats

There are multiple routes to all seats. And seatbelts. I have tried assigning seats and pushing them into them before getting into a seat myself, they get up and want to walk through me. To where, I don’t know bc they’re already in their seat.

The vehicle is currently a modified fire truck, but the bug isn’t specific to that vehicle, though it doesn’t happen in all vehicles, it happens in most. I seem to get a reprieve if I ride a single tile wide vehicle with just enough spaces to fit everyone in. I think the bug is still going on because I had an NPC randomly toss himself off and hit a tree while riding the bike.

I’m using last night’s build 8143 or something like that. And I use ALL the mods…but I can’t think of any that would modify pathing. I don’t even think that’s possible the. I’ll have to play the musical mods game to figure out what’s affecting it, but first I’ll just try loading a vanilla world to see if the weirdness is evident.
I don’t know about driving skill…don’t think NPCs can interact with controls anyway.

try without seatbelts and see what happens.

I found the issue. It’s this item:

“id”: “daisle”,
“type”: “vehicle_part”,
“name”: “crystal path”,
“item”: “diamondplate”,
“symbol”: “=”,
“difficulty”: 6,
“durability”: 3000,
“breaks_into”: [
{ “item”: “spiral_matrix” },
{ “item”: “dshards”, “count”: [ 75, 150 ] },
{ “item”: “dcluster”, “count”: [ 4, 8 ] }
“flags”: [ “AISLE”, “BOARDABLE” ]

Which is an item from an old version of blazemod. I love it, because it lets you walk through parts which ordinarily slow you down as if they were aisle’s. If installed in a part with a seat, apparently it breaks their ability to settle down.

Now, as an apology for derailing your thread (I’ll use the same key as nameless_survivor)
This is a configuration I used to run with, typically with firegear wearing NPC’s with long reach weapons.
X=Ram, Q=quarterpanel or board, – = blank space, S = Seat with 5point harness, C=Cargo Space, D=Hatch

With a good motor this served me well. It requires constant maintenance or the front falls off in a hilarious explosion of NPC’s and scrap metal. The back always survives though :stuck_out_tongue:

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How do you have rams attached only to rams? I thought rams didn’t support other parts in adjacent tiles.

Oh, did I do two rows of XXX’s? Typo, just the one row there. If you want a second layer, I’d go with armored quarterpanels with rollers under em. I’ll fix it.

That’s good to know. I’ve haven’t gotten to use any of the diamond or blob stuff yet. How did you get an old version of the mod? Is it the version which came packaged with the game, or did you update your game or something and not the mods? I’m still pretty new (couple of months, but LOTS of game time), never updated my game, so I have no idea how to do it or how it works.

Nah, its cool. Its related to NPC’s sitting in vehicles, so at least as far as I’m concerned this is still on topic.