NPCs and Vehicles

Just a quick question about how NPCs interact with vehicles. How does the “passenger” system work? Is it the number of seats in a vehicle? Is it just the number of space enclosed or something else entirely? My main reason for asking is because I’d like to know whether a “bike” with 2 seats(basically a super bare-bones starter vehicle that has 2-3 wheels, 2-3 seats and a cargo tile or 2) would be able to also transport a companion(s).

Are NPCs able to ride in the back of a pick-up?
Also how do pets work with vehicles? I know there is a “pet carrier”, but I’ve never tried it in game yet. Is there anything I should know about those too?

I’ve got basic knowledge of the game. I’ve been playing on and off for a while, but I’ve only just started playing with NPCs since I’ve begun playing again. I can’t think of anything else specifically to ask right now, so if you know anything else that you think would be helpful to know about NPCs in general, please do share.

When you get into a vehicle, NPCs will take any seat they can find, or you can assign them in the vehicle screen. You can have multiple NPCs, based on how many seats you have. NPCs cannot really ride a vehicle without seats, as they cause it to skid like crazy when not seated, and often collide with the vehicle, causing collision damage on inner tiles and taking damage from the vehicle.

Pet carrier is an item that you activate to remove a creature from the world and convert into item form. You then use the pet carrier that holds the creature again and it places the creature back into the world. By default they only work for creatures around the size of a dog or smaller, but can be modded to fit any creature.

With NPCs, make sure you don’t tell them to guard while they are standing on your vehicle and then drive off without telling them to follow again - this results in them diving off your vehicle as you move, often making you skid and/or run them over.

Thanks for the info!

Does a seatbelt/harness have the same effect on NPCs as it does for the player?
Are there any (notable) vehicle features that affect the player and NPCs differently?

Your npc’s will jump on to the seats of any vehicle that you go. That also counts the immobile bases you build. So if you have a seat with crafting/reading spot and put other seats looking towards it, the npcs will happily watch you do your stuff, neatly seated…

And yeah, that’s usually a very good idea to give the npc seats with seatbelt, unless of course you are making some sort of human cannon.

Note that npc allies will try to get on your vehicle even if there aren’t enough seats. I’ve tried to snag a motorcycle or scooter while I’ve got an npc with me, and they will try to sit anywhere on the frame they can fit.

It’s usually safe to grab a scooter, motorbike, or bicycle with NPCs. The NPCs tend to sit in the basket if available and anywhere else if not, and don’t seem to get bounced around too much. Putting NPCs on a car with inadequate seats can result in damaged seats and a damaged vehicle.

Seatbelts work for NPCs, as far as I know. I know I’ve had some pretty hard hits in my various Security Vans of Doom without breaking my NPC companion(s). NPCs can’t drive, and as far as I know, don’t know how to use mounted weapons. They’re not affected by temperature or morale so they don’t benefit from that. NPCs do like sleeping in the most comfortable place so they will move to reclining seats and beds for sleeping, even if they’re normally assigned a different seat.

Which will send them on a special ride in case of an accident, so be careful.

Safe is a relative term. A second body on a scooter could be more weight than the scooter can handle, and the wheels will give out.

I can drive with an NPC sleeping on a vehicle bed without worrying about him sliding around right? Does it work as any seat would?

Yes which is very surprising. Essentially they go for any available seats or beds.

If I remember correctly, the bed is treated as a seat, but you can’t put seatbelts on it. While they won’t slide around on a seat (including beds) they will be thrown away if you crash and they don’t have a seatbelt on. There is no distinctions between a bed and a reclining seat, both are equally comfortable for sleeping, so the reclining seat is the preferred method of sleeping on cars, since you can put a seatbelt on it.

But a bed allows you to place more crap on it :wink:

Besides…it is much more amusing to watch your buddy get thrown through the windshield and wonder wtf happened! lol XD

Yeah reclining seat has less space so I would have less space for books in my mobile fortress of (insert adjective here)ness’ bedroom.

Dude! Ya gotta use a blanky when it gets chilly too! XD