Sort Zone Grouping

I recently started using a system of sorting out all my loot when I get back to base of parking my car in an Unsorted zone, then I have a motorcycle with a cargo space with loot zones of all loot types attached to that cargo space. I use autosort to unload a bunch of stuff from my car into my bike and then drive my bike to the areas where the loot belongs in base, Disable the sorting zones attached to the bike, and then use autosort to unload the bike, Enable sort zones on the bike, and repeat. I think it would be handy if you could define Groups of Sort Zones for different areas, like “Kitchen”, “Cargo Bike”, etc where you can Enable and Disable all zones in a group at once and it would also make it easier to arrange your sort zones by what area they are in. The group could have a name and then all sort zones related to that area or whatever could be placed within that group. And maybe you could expand or collapse the groups so you’d just see group names for sort zones you’re not currently dealing with in the list. Thanks!

Arrangement of the zone UI / menu is planned yeah.
If zones are expanded in the future, which I plan to do for NPC construction/activities, then yeah itll need to be made neater.

Id like also the option to export/import a sorting setup instead of having to do your preferred setup each new game.

That would be pretty awesome.