Lab turrets ignoring zombies?

Just updated to the latest version, and it seems lab turrets outright ignore zombies in labs. There’s a turret in a lit corridor that doesn’t shoot zeds even if they are 3 tiles near it - in bright lighting, even -, but it will not hesitate to shower my char with lead even 30+ tiles away. WTF? Is it intended as yet another obstacle to lab start or what? (the char in question is not a lab start scenario, therefore she could manage to be hit by CROWS2 at that range and not instadie)

pretty sure balance bullshit lab begin to eazy or error look i dont even know for sure

Strange thing is, I revisited lab today and turrets do shoot at zombies now.
…well, at some of them. Sometimes. Or not. There’s no rhyme or reason for when they do react to zeds and when they just go with “eh, that’s Harry the janitor. well, he’s bathed in blood and bile and shambling strangely and also growling but it’s him, no doubt. Move along, buddy, you’re fine”.

This would be really cool if intentional. Imagine the turrets identifying their targets via e.g. facial recognition, some kind of ID card kept on person or maybe a subdermal RFID chip (not unthinkable given the somewhat futuristic tech commonly available in CDDA). Harry the Janitor would then be just fine, no matter the state of his vitals, and Survy McSurvivor would find himself a prime candidate for dog food material instead.

edit: One could then mercilessly re-murder Harry, dissect him and with a bit of luck and massive medical expertise could salvage said chip and autodoc it into oneself. Or just keep it in one’s pocket. Goodbye, annoying killbots.

The police bot does react to the police badge, as far as I know. Turrets less so…

I just tested this in build 0.E-10733, and the turret shot at everything that moved (even a skitterbot). Maybe it’s fixed? Which zombies does/did it ignore?

Hard to remember now but it was at least one tough zombie and… ugh, either zombie security guard or just a regular zed. They saw me from the room on the other side of corridor (2 tiles wide, regular lab stuff).
I already knew there was a turret to the west, just 4 or 5 tiles, so I stayed in my room and waited for it to do my dirty work. Instead dem zedz just walked right to me. I even bodyblocked the door, so they had been in the corridor for several turns.
And damned turret didn’t even say ‘hostile detected’. I mean, I could understand if turrets behavior was changed at some point to “detect at 1st turn, aim and warn at 2nd turn, shoot at 3rd and further”, then they could cross the corridor in 2 turns. But it outright ignored them.

Strange… I did test a regular Zombie and a Tough Zombie. Also, a Zombie security guard wandered in while I’ve spawned the other ones in. They all got shot in my test.

May I ask; do you have the Experimental 3D field of vision in the Debug category of the game options turned on? As far as I know, there are (or were) a lot of problems similar to yours related to that.

Did it see & shoot you first before this situation happened? Maybe it somehow locked onto you and (even though it could not see/shoot you) ignored all other available targets.

No experimental 3D FoV, only z-levels. It did see me - I wandered into the corridor without peeking out first - so maybe that was the case.