Zombie scientists no longer dropping id cards?

So i have just cleared and entire subway lab (and killed all the scientists that implies) and not seen a single science id card drop. have i just been incredibly unlucky or has this changed (or is bugged)?

They still drop, I got 2 last update; their drop percentage is just very low (under 4% according to HHG). You need to look inside wallets as that’s where they should be spawning now.

yeah, i heard about the wallet change and checked them but anyway that’s good to know. Just thought it strange since i had found 20 military id cards in the same game despite not killing that many more soldiers than scientists.

By the way what’s HHG?

I also find more military ID cards, their spawn rate is higher and twice as many monsters carry them.

HHG is The Hitchhiker’s Guide, a website that allows you to browse monster and item entries with ease, and automatically stays up to date with the latest game Experimental. It’s the website I used to provide you with information (although it’s not always accurate).


That site seems extremely useful, i have been whishing for something like it many times when looking for that last darn little component/tool that you just cant find for that craft desperately you want to make. Thanks for bringing it to my attention! :smiley:

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