science ID card not generated

there are cases where science ID card are not generated in the deepest of laboratory on Challenge-Lab scenario.
as of v8083, it is not guaranteed.

is this a bug? Is it a specification of balance adjustment?
I read the change log, but I could not distinguish it.

I don’t think it’s a bug as everything has a spawn chance just kill the science zombies and steal theirs or just kill the turrets and use an electrohack to get past the card reader if that doesn’t work/you can’t kill the turrets nik a mininuke and set it for a good time limit set it drop it and run back down stairs.

This is slightly off topic, but I think the Lab Technician profession should be changed to start with a Scientist ID card.

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as a result of discussion as to whether or not to be able to clear laboratory scenario surely, it became to guarantee the generation of ID.
I remember having such a background.

killed about 2000 scientist zombies with debug, but could not confirm dropping ScienceID

They do just not very often I’ve seen it and used it.

Uhh . . . I looked in the itemgroups and used the debug menu to test the zombie_scientist_death_drops. They do not appear to drop science ID cards, as ridiculous as that seems.

Can you get them top side or ONLY in the labs? Perhaps a silly question since the technicians loot should be the same. But what I mean is. the scene where the mutants and technicians have loot already on the ground often have cards. So I was curious if cards are not dropping due to a specific reason or at all in general.

That’s where I’ve found 90% of mine, from the static corpses on the ground.

I know they can also drop from wanderers and can be found in plastic recycling. I’m sure there’s probably other places.

Yeah. I too from off the ground. Good to know about wanderers…irradiated I would assume.