A lack of dead nerds?

I’m playing v0.6-1-g8e898bd, and this might be fixed already, but apparently I haven’t been able to discover any dead nerd spawns. I’ve explored so much of the world in my car, but I can only find gangster and military spawns (like 10 of them). Is this a bug or am I missing something?

EDIT: Added options.txt file to attachments

options.txt (1.06 KB)

Just unlucky I guess. I’ve found plenty.

Possibly, but I’m at the point where I can’t explore any further from my base without getting empty on fuel.

dont know if this affects it, but are you playing with classic zombies on? because that disables labs so there prob wouldnt be any nerds around.

Nope, and I edited my OP to include the options.txt file in attachments.

I pretty sure that it’s just bad luck.

I have found military corpses only 4 times in all of my playing time , is that a bug too?

I hardly find gangsters, therebefore no drugs or arm blasters :<

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Hmph, guess I’ll just keep looking >.>

If you found Marloss portals or mini-craters but no sci-corpses, I’d be interested in that–sci-corpses were supposed to be pretty common as random mini-spawns go. That said, yeah, there can be dry spells for them like anything else.

After 11 days in the newest game: 65 science ID cards, 5 military ID cards. I dropped 50 and stopped picking them up since then.

Found a lot of dead drug thugs aswell, but non had a Katana, which is a bit of a pity.

All I seem to find are dead gangsters.

Ah well, I can do my own science with that much drugs. Like now. Let’s go test how much cocaine it takes to kill a jabberwock with a glass bottle.