Science ID Cards and Military ID Cards have vanished

So I’m playing version 0.C3782 which is the same version I was playing back in November, 2015 which is the last time I was hooked on the Cataclysm (“JUST HOOK IT INTO MY VEINS!!!”). And the weird thing is…back then, Science ID Cards and Military ID Cards were dropping as normal, which is to say, they were semi-rare drops found on scientist zombies occasionally and soldier zombies very occasionally, plus you would also occasionally find science ID cards on the mangled human corpses at what I think of as “mi-go drug deals gone horribly wrong” where there are a bunch of corpses with packets of coke or meth and usually a Mi-Go in the area. There was usually a 50% chance that one of those corpses would have a Science ID Card.

Since I resumed playing this summer, though? I have not seen a SINGLE Science ID Card or Military ID Card drop anywhere, either in newly generated worlds or in worlds that I had saved from November ‘15. I can’t stress enough: I am playing the same version of the game on the same machine from the same folder, unless Cataclysm has the ability to stealth-upgrade itself remotely on my machine which would be pretty fuckin’ weird. But in spite of all of that ID Cards have gone from rare but reliable drops to COMPLETELY MISSING.

W. T. F. ?

Chalk it up to the RNG - I’ve had games where they were every where (20+ by summer time with 14 days seasons) and games where I hadn’t found any by the end of winter.

Also, I’ve never found either kind of ID card at the same place as the corpses with lots of drugs… there are distinct “batches of corpses” types: military, science, druggie, athlete, camper/outdoors-y types, etc.

Not much else to say, really, except to keep looking… or develop other ways to get in (jackhammer is the easiest, just make sure the turrets don’t annihilate you)

Irradiated Wanderers in the vault drop science ID cards. That’s one semi-reliable way to find those.

I’m not sure I ever gained access to the Vault or even found an entrance to it.

Have you ever found a city with Irradiated Wanderers?

Don’t worry, they have not vanished, as I usually find military id cards when I loot soldier zombies. I’m not sure where to get science id cards, but if soldier zombies drop military id cards, then I’m sure science id cards will come from scientist zombies.

Science is cards are usually from the dead groups of scientists, possibly zombie scientists and a good bit from military outposts and toxic dump sites.

Have you ever found a city with Irradiated Wanderers?

Once in 2015! I died briskly thereafter.

@hdggDalton * DeWolf: That was my experience too in late 2015, but now the game seems to be behaving differently. I know that shouldn’t be possible since it’s the same install folder, but it seems to be irrefutably true.

No that is still me with the latest experimental. Well at least not yet. Definitely got science odd from the dead group of scientists but I haven’t found a toxic waste dump site yet and I only explored one military outpost so far. Might not find more for a while since I am actually trying to base build for the first time with seriousness.

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Have you ever found a city with Irradiated Wanderers?

Once in 2015! I died briskly thereafter.[/quote]
As soon as you’ve found Irradiated Wanderers, you’ve found the vault.
It’s just a matter of getting in the sewer and looking for entrance there.

Figures within three days of starting this thread I find a pile of like ten Science ID cards on dead scientists outside of a Laboratory a previous character had obviously forced his way into and then died in.

Never knew the wandies were for a FO thing. THanks for the fyi.