Is that a common thing, or I’ve just hit 0,00000005% (may be not) Jackpot chance ?

Yeah, it’s a pretty common bug that’s been reported a few times. Seems to mostly happen with zombie soldiers.

Daaaaaaaaaaamn… :slight_smile:

Now I will have bad feelings using this card on gas stations and vending boxes cause it’s a bug and not an amazing luck for poor underskilled Drone Controller girl stranded mid-chaos.

Hey, have some fun with it while it lasts! Pretend you found the zombified corpse of a highly skilled and well paid mercenary commander, who had just drained his overseas bank accounts and was preparing to flee the country in the face of the cataclysm. :slight_smile:

If it was a mercenary commander i’d say it would be a bio-op.

I got a better one - A scoundrel of a soldier that sold military grade weapons to illegal outlets took the opportunity to flee from his post after he was found out by his peers, who then told his commander and was scheduled to be executed. After he drained his offshore bank account with his illegal funds beforehand, he escaped and ultimately died and was resurrected - with his funds still intact.

Only to be killed by a lucky survivor some time later.

Yeah… Well too bad there’s aint no A-gun-Mazon service in this game to browse the catalog of deadly toys and order them shipped to my evac shelter :slight_smile: I can afford anything now.

Tell me, are these topped off cash cards always found in labs? I’ve picked up such a card twice, and on both times they (the Z soldiers) were in labs.

I guess guarding a lab pays damn well.

The one I got was from zombie soldier near crash landing site (where military blackboxes usually spawn). So I think labs are not the case, just soldiers.

I’ve seen this happen a few times, but it’s never really affected my gameplay, since by the time I find it I tend to have tens of thousands of dollars on cash cards already and sod-all to spend it on. Fuel? Candy machines? Pfffft. Even the NPCs I can find and convince to train me don’t charge enough to really matter, not once you’re enough of a killing machine to handle swarms of the less threatening zombies and the oodles of cash cards you’ll find on them.

Seems like being a soldier pays well. Considering government paranoia about foreign threats…

Soldier’s don’t get paid much now, even with all the deployed troops.

The only real way for a regular soldier to acquire 2 million in credits would be from illegal sources.

I've seen this happen a few times, but it's never really affected my gameplay, since by the time I find it I tend to have tens of thousands of dollars on cash cards already

Well I took this card off the second zombie I killed in the game :slight_smile:

I keep maybe 40k in a cash card in the armored vehicle for backup gas emergency fund.

The rest get made into metal arrows. Whether or not they are empty. I need those expensive and perfectly symmetrical fins!