Military ids used on use

why are military ID cards consumed when you use them? does the id card reader eat the card?

all ID cards are just zooped up when you use em on the designated card reader… the reasoning behind this is that once you have ‘unlocked’ said card reader, it is open forever.

i’ve talked on the forums before about possibly getting that changed, but who knows if it’ll happen =Y

As an uninformed guess, the alternative to having them consumed on use would be to have each of them tied to a specific location or a single spawn would allow you access everywhere.

Having the cards being tied to specific locations would result in a tedious game of “hunting for the one you need” for every facility, as well as a need to label them to allow the player to identify which one matches which location. In addition to that, you’d probably want cards to have a much higher probability to match a facility in the vicinity than one at the other end of the world.


basically that, yes.

i suggested having cards that not only work multiple times, but were generated in close proximity to the base it was intended for, similarly to how maps to specific locations are generated, so the likelyhood would be high that you could carry a card to the correct base.

also, i suggested tiered access cards, where a soldier outside may have a tier 1 card, but a general inside a missile bunker may have a tier 4 card with access to many diffrent places.

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For obvious gameplay reasons so you don’t get access to every loot room in the game

But to play with the idea, what if to keep various military/government complexes secure people are given one time use access cards to locations so that the cards can’t get into the wrong hands? They’re printed on the spot to the person in question and once used needs another verification and printing at the proper authority. Could even be done right at the entrance of the labs, or to the soldier that needs access to a bunker for whatever reason. The only locations I can think of off the top of my head are military bunkers/caches and labs. One is a very low-traffic area with a lot of military hardware and the other very high security.

… i mean, that’s more or less what we have, except they’re one time use cards instead of temporary cards. there’s nobody left to print said cards, and no electricity to print them either. keep in mind the labs in the game are meant to be like… TOP secret facilities similar to area 51, if you walked anywhere near them you were likely to get shot (and of course, if you try to force your way in, there’s a turret… and you get shot.) anyone who’d be able to access would already have access… but you’d also assume some of them tried to escape the lab during the cataclysm, or they weren’t at work, so its reasonable to have cards spread out.

and as far as ‘get access to every loot room in the game’ is concerned, the pickaxe/acetylene torch/sledgehammer/hacksaw/etc still exist, so there’s other ways to get into wherever you want whenever you want

I meant that as a backwards explanation for the current system. The cards you find are leftovers.

I personally think there should be levels of ID cards. From the grunt employee ID being able to open the dumpster at FoodPlace to the President’s nuclear biscuit.

Also, the ID to the gate of the lab might not let you go to DARPA level research levels of the lab. Nor would the DARPA researcher card necessarily get you into the administrator’s office.

I also think eventually it would be cool to be able to forge or make fake IDs with rare equipment and proficiency.

That said, even though these ID cards are totally unrealistic, it kind of harks back to an old pencil and paper RPG I played called Gamma World.

In Gamma World, they had levels of ID cards and these things were throughout the world. Just like cataclysm, you also had different flavors like science, military, etc.

These were the keys to certain post apocalyptic “dungeons” in the various Gamma World modules you could use if you did not want the hassle of breaking doors, alerting robots, or having to make skill checks to hack the door. Some were also required to open certain vehicles or access maintenance of these vehicles.

it could work, and would be neat, but you also dont want to overcomplicate things… like i said, if you can break in with a pickaxe or other tools, whats the point in jumping through hoops for an i.d. card.

… i like having non-destructive solutions though.