Zombie cavalry

Zombie cavalry is a formation of zombies that consists of zombie horseman.

Zombie horseman wears plate mail and shield, moves as fast as horse, and charges with reach3 awl-pike. It can leap over walkable obstacle including trap. Fire, pit, caltrops, and acid, only damages the horse but not the rider. When the horse is killed, the horseless horseman walks slowly, but is still formidable. When a zombie horseman is killed before its horse is, it turns into a galloping zombie horse brute with plate mail, and doesn’t follow formation.

With the speed, damage, armor, weight, and number, zombie cavalry requires tactics to deal with.

The existence of zombie cavalry needs thematic reason, though. It could be a player triggered event that happens in temple, museum, or other reasonable places.

I dunno. Like, I reckon that a zombie horseman can work even without the medieval theme. Like, considering what the Jabberwock is, a fused mass of dead bodies, the zombie horseman is basically a person riding a horse when the cataclysm hit, which lead to the death and zombification of both rider and mount. The result is some strangely fused centaur like creature.

And, instead of a reach attack, the zombie horseman is both very fast and strong. Like a hulk but leaning more on speed, since after all it’s a horse.

It would be pretty funny, but obviously a mod-only thing.

It would require implementing 2 hardcoded features, though: formation and “dual monsters”. This makes it unlikely to happen in a mod not supported by a core dev.

The idea is inspired by player character that fights as motorcyclist with pike, and intends to have a similarly strong opponent.

Lone centaur mutant presumed to have escaped from lab and managed to find a set of cavalry equippment could be another approach.

It’s a badass and Evil Deady thing, but can’t really see it working. Unless the blob is pissed and is melding people on top of zombified horses with the goo, producing horrible abominations that if they weren’t part horse is totally try to draw.

Needs bird mutant zombies on it instead, for winged (literally) zombie hussars. :V

Isn’t the Jabberwock pretty much a bunch of dead bodies fused together? If so, it wouldn’t be a stretch for a horse and a guy to fuse together, like if both would more or less die at the same time when the cataclysm hit.

A zombie bear has a lot of the properties you’re looking for without being specifically a person on a horse. In other words I feel like a monster with the characteristics of calvary is going to fit better than actual calvary.

Inded. However, talking about it, coudln’t we make an special case when many bodies are in the same tile and revive, to make them revive all at once as humongous beasts or jabberwocks or something? Could that happen?

I’m not saying we can’t do the amalgamation of zombies thing, just that a literally human zombie riding a literal zombie horse seems a bit unecessary.

you could prob make this cavalry thing via monsters.json on your own, with the exception of the ability to SPLIT into horseman/horse (iirc the only things that can spawn anything on death is the Blob with the death_function": [ “BLOBSPLIT” ] and the pink worm that splits into half-worms “death_function”: [ “WORM” ])

It must be quite easy to replicate that function with different monsters, wouldn’t it?

I find razorclaw in json, though I never see them in game. They seem to be effectively the same.

just sayin’

people found the zhorse too hardcore. adding a humie with armor on it will only make it worse

I don’t know about zombies riding horses, but it would be awesome if YOU could ride a horse.

And feed it mutagen.

I’d say we need zombie winged hussars in Crazy Cataclysm.

[quote=“Chezzo, post:15, topic:13487”]I don’t know about zombies riding horses, but it would be awesome if YOU could ride a horse.

And feed it mutagen.[/quote]

Why stop there? It would be awesome to be able to ride an angry moose. The attach bionics on it.

Then people can start worshiping the almighty robomoose.

you mean the almighty roose