The Rancher dude!

I’ve noticed new profession - Rancher!

Then I started in a campsite and few great things happened to me:

  1. There is a farm to the east (!).
  2. It had a stables building (!!).
  3. There was a lone horse waiting for me (!!!).

I gave it some fodder and it is friendly now. I attached a saddle and some bag and here I go, Marlboro man riding to the sunset!

Simply wow.

Good job on that content whoever made it.

Please share your experience on pros and cons of riding a horse in zombie apocalypse. I’m a totally new to such content.

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Pros: You’re able to outpace zombies handily even at a trot, the gallop just humiliates them. It makes rollerskates look sad.
With some cheap chitin armor, the horse can take a lot of punishment from average zombies, too.
Mobility that puts motorcycles to shame, you can dodge and weave through a crowd of zombies like an animal that evolved over millions of years to dodge faster and smarter predators than them. It’s pretty boss.

Cons: Getting too close to a grabber/wrestler or a brute/hulk can wind up with you and your horse separated suddenly, and your horse fleeing faster than you can catch him. This can ruin your day.

Also for some reason horses in current experimentals seem to have a wacky Time Dilation CBM installed that charges up the longer you’re riding and goes off the second you dismount:

So be careful after a long ride to dismount somewhere safe and hopefully confined until that bug gets fixed.

One other con is that the game bullies your character if you’re not watching what you eat.
You are too heavy to mount Horse. :sob:

does the horse need to be constantly feeded?, and if you make it a vehicle (like with a harness and yoke) what fuel is needed?

I love the ranch start! My longest surviving character started on a ranch and still uses it as a satellite base and farm/safe haven for her livestock.

Once you tame the horse, it doesn’t need to be fed anymore - At least not that I’ve noticed. I assume it grazes on it’s own or that’s how I choose to believe it going.

If you mount a horse to a vehicle, it doesn’t take fuel to power it. Just keep in mind a horse or team of horses won’t run at the same speeds as a vehicle with an engine in it. This seems especially true the heavier your vehicle.

Bonus tip: Cows can be put into a yoke and harness just like horses. Unlike a horse though, cows give milk. Having a cow helping pull your vehicle means you have a portable food source with you at all times.

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now i imagine having a vehicle with cow power, and a horse in a live stock locker, instead of a vehicle and a motorcycle xD

If you have multiple yokes, you can set multiple animals to pulling your vehicle. It’ll help out with top speeds a little too.

Well currently it works great, the only thing is that annoying bug with Horse Time Dilation CBM. You have to dismount in a locked barn or open safe field because the horse will wander few turns and you might dismount 10 meters away from your stead :slight_smile: