Hi. Any chances for implementing horse riding?

id second this


Hmm, nice idea. Very nice IMO.

  1. Set a button for mount/dismount.
  2. While mounted double normal speed and triple sprint speed.
  3. Horse stamina is triple than human and diminishes when sprinting at the same rate human stamina does.
  4. While mounted, apply accurancy penalties to melee & ranged damage.
  5. If a monster attacks the player while mounted, 10-20% of the time hit the player’s feet and the rest hit the hirse (harder to implement?)
  6. If the horse dies while mounted, add some randome damage to the player, even broken limbs for the unlucky ones + fall down condition.

Other things like riding skill, saddles, saddlebags, feeding and watering the horse, horse farms etc. can maybe follow as separate PR’s later.

Now who would like it enough and actually have time to implement this? (plus use sensible horse stats, as mine are off the top of my head and i have 0.2/10 horse knowlege)

Well, I was rated at 2.2 horsepower back in high school.

Double the pleasure, double the stud.

I think, more seriously, that horses would need a lot of area and protection from zombies. Theyd be on the extinction list. Foals arent exactly faster than zougars, for instance.

Will horses be infected and become zombie horse? :stuck_out_tongue:


Zorse :expressionless:

Or worse… Nuckelavee

we might need a new skill then - Mounted Fighting, or something like this. The higher the level, the more accustomed you are to fighting with melee/ranged while on horseback (one could also use this skill for shooting while on a vehicle me thinks.). It would also lessen the chance that you hit yourself or the horse with something :stuck_out_tongue:

The “Riding” skill could cover more than just mounted combat. It could be linked to actually controlling the animal or handling it in very dangerous situations.
I imagine that the poor Horse would be very hesitant to let something clearly unnatural as a Netherworld entity approach it; you might include a factor where the Horse actually tries to throw the rider off in fear depending on combative interactions with certain entities. The higher your Riding skill, the better control you have over the animal.

Certain mutations, especially the predatory ones might have negative modifiers when interacting with the animal as well, reducing your skill in riding dramatically.

But it can have positives as well; better negotiation over difficult terrain, knowing how to push your Horse faster to make the best use of its Stamina meter for Galloping.
Have the skill linked to crafting recipes for Tailoring barding/armour for your steed, or saddlebags to carry extra gear.
Better damage when trampling small enemies as you Gallop through them.
And later, an ability to call your Horse over to you with a Whistle if it’s within earshot?

Just a few hairbrained ideas that came to mind over the whole thing.

(I don’t know anything about how the code works, but anyways) Can this be done in the game? Ater all, it’s a horse, treated by the game as a creature. Should we respawn that creature and spawn some kind of unmodifiable vehicle named as a horse,and then despawn it and spawn again the horse when you leave it? We’d have to be careful, because I don’t think two entities (in this case the player and the horse) can be in the same space, so you’d need to leave the “horse vehicle” space before making it become the horse?
And what about injuries? They’d have to be passed from the vehicle horse to the horse itself.

Otherwise, we could make it an item that gives you a looot of speed and covers your legs, but then if you drop it it’d be that, an item. I don’t know how we could do this! Both are very hacky. I know people will come up with a better way though.

I’d love to see riding though. It would be really awesome.

So maybe we should create two groups:

A) Wild horse- which is ,normal" creature

B) Horse- which is closed in given building(barn,stable) and is prepared for riding(it has saddle,bridle etc)

Rick Grimes style would be awesome

Sounds like a a lot of code work for various reasons.
Creatures aren’t exactly vehicles.

creatures are vehicles you havent ridden yet :v
folding bikes are an example of haxx

We don’t need to make a horse a vehicle.
Just on-mount transform the horse entity to a controllable entity, something aking to a new survivor but with altered stats (governed by riding skill)
Bind buttons for special horse control (eg. changing speed, accessing horse inventory), handle movement/stamina/health as long as we are mounted, and it is ready to go. No need for something as powerful and complicated as the vehicle system.

Basically what i’m proposing is to make a horse differ from a typical monster (has to in order to handle all this stuff) and use this new class to do everything we need it to be doing. Still it is quite a bit of work to code and balance, and i seem to be having less and less time personally :frowning: