Zombears/Zombie Dogs - Spawning Question (And other questions)

Hello everyone! It’s about time I finally joined the forum, nice to meet you all.

I have a question, mainly pertaining to Zombears and Zombie Dogs, specifically their spawning requirements.

Below is the background and reasoning behind the question I shall propose, further down is the “Too Lazy, Didn’t Read” version.

Now I play the game with Static Spawn, which to my understanding makes it so all Zombies are spawned at the start of the game instead of during. (Except under certain circumstances, such as Zombie Necromancers.)

Anyway, having started up a game, got a bit of gear, armour, backpacks, I decided I would set up home in the Evac shelter I started in. It was not too far away from the town, right next to a river, so I had a permanent supply of water and food due. (I had a fishing rod and tools to purify water.)

At first, things were pretty good, as good as they could get during a zombie apocalypse mind, but still good. I had critters like rabbits or Dogs, Cats, Wolves, Squirrels, Spiders, Deer, Moose, even the odd Bear spawn nearby, all of which were relatively friendly unless provoked, providing a good source of food.

Now and then however, a Zombie Dog would appear, which I dispatched of, and butchered swiftly after, even Zombears. However one or two now and then soon turned in to a handful, soon they were smashing down the windows, trying to murder me in my sleep. Every night without fail, they would come in like a wave, smashing down my windows to get inside and eat my face. I thought barricading the windows would help, but no they just smashed those down each night too.

Eventually I got fed up, I couldn’t sleep to regain health because they were always there, so I decided to re-locate. Having already cleared out a small section of the town, it was completely free from Zombies, I decided to take over the local Fire Station. There were no windows, the only way in were through using metal winches, there was no way anyone could smash their way in. Well, except a Hulk I’d imagine, thank goodness I’ve never met one of them.

Well after setting up home, everything was peaceful, was the odd critter spawning nearby. Then, again, a few critters turned in to a lot, wolves and dogs were everywhere, Zombears and Zombie Dogs were waiting for me every morning when I’d try to leave. I killed them all, not difficult with my Rapier, but still every bloody night they’re back, always more of them. I’ve butchered every single corpse around, even if they weren’t zombie corpses, paranoid thinking that maybe a normal dog corpse was coming back as a zombie. Nothing I’ve done helped at all. I’ve tried traps, I even put down a laser turret I found, nope, they just smashed them down and sat outside waiting for me.

Well, outside my home is littered with butchered corpses, rotting meat, bones, anything and everything just laying there, and it’s a bit ridiculous. I have done my research, all I can come to understand is that Zombears and Zombie Dogs are not affected by the Static Spawn system, which I believe should be changed. I read somewhere that a home should not be built within 10 tiles of a Town, or 20 of a Swamp due to spawning dangerous critters. I’d imagine that by dangerous critters, it includes Zombears and Zombie Dogs. My question is, how can I escape from waking up every night to those monstrosities surrounding my home? Will moving far far away in to some remote building really help? Or will they forever be at my doorstep, waiting, driving me insane.


Zombears and Zombie Dogs, what are their spawning requirements/locations.

Other Questions;

Well whilst I’m here I might as well ask a couple of things;

Atomic Nightlight - I’ve found one, I sleep with it on my bed to read at night because my home has no windows or light sources. (Yet strangely is somehow light in the day…) Does it produce radiation?

Mini-Nuke - Found a lot of them, how big a blast radius should I expect really? Also please tell me they don’t prematurely detonate, I sleep with them right next to my bed.

Bloody Remains - As mentioned, surrounding my homes have turned in to bloody stains and messes everywhere. Corpses from rattle snakes to Wolves, Zombies to Squirrels litter the ground, majority of which I’ve butchered (Except for the Zombies, I make sure to butcher ALL of them,) you can’t walk anywhere without treading in a deceased creatures brains. I’ve tried to clear these up, put them all in to one massive pile, but each night just turns in to the same scene with blood and guts all over the place. I know, it’s an apocalypse, surviving should be my priority not clearing up the streets, but still it’s a bit ridiculous. An idea of mine is perhaps when a corpse or remains are left long enough, it will attract scavenger creatures which clear up the remains, from bones, flesh, sinew, all of it, unless you claim it first and take it somewhere they can’t get it. But my question is, do these remains perhaps already give off scent which lures creatures in? Or do the Dogs and Wolves just enjoy my company too much?

Creature limit - Is there a limit to how many creatures can be in an area at any one time? If not clear enough, surrounding my home is both a blood bath and a zoo, and if I don’t deal with them more come, both friendly and dangerous. Do they just keep spawning? Or will they stop eventually when so many appear?

High Pitched Noise - Just another idea of mine, why not invent a high pitched noise item, something which permanently emits sound on certain frequencies, beyond human’s hearing (Like a Dog Whistle) which deters many animals from coming too close. It’s something used in real life, would be handy in this game, I dream of a day I could walk around without being followed by a Dog/Wolf.

Thank you for taking the time to read this message, any and all help is greatly appreciated.

Static/dynamic spawn only affects zombies, which common sense might suggest includes zombears, but it doesn’t. Zombears are wildlife, which spawns dynamically. They might’ve moved zombie dogs into the wildlife spawn pool as well, I’m not sure. The way dynamic spawn works isn’t terribly complex, the game more or less just generates entities from off screen at intervals, and making noise shortens these interval. But you can’t get away from it, unfortunately.

Zombears, Zombie dogs, and all other Z-animals are set as wildlife spawns yes; infinite and can appear anywhere in the wilderness.

The annoying part is that they have some magic radar that tells them where you are at anytime at anyplace.

The experimental version just added a change that makes them rarer though.

Blaze is correct. The over-population of Zombears early in the game was tweaked a couple days ago in the experimental builds. Their spawn frequency now increases more gradually, only getting to their former spawn frequency after 90 game days.

Mini-Nuke - Found a lot of them, how big a blast radius should I expect really? Also please tell me they don't prematurely detonate, I sleep with them right next to my bed.

Power is 200.

Radius on any explosive can be found by next formula: int ( sqrt ( power / 4 ) );

So, in our case, radius is 7 tiles (sqrt(50) ~ 7).

They aren’t so strong, though. A full gasoline tank explodes FAR MORE powerful, than mininuke and leaves fire in every tile. It can be used to make “super-explosive” made from a frame, a full gasoline tank and some explosive. Just activate explosive, drop onto the vehicle and RUN. Oh, and yeah - you’d better wear any protective gear as the explosion power is super big and you’ll be deafened in any case unless you worn it.

Mininukes are gimmicky - they aren’t powerful enough to clear out most of the areas you’d be tempted to use them on, and they irradiate the entire area so that you can’t go in and mop up without suffering radiation poisoning.

They do not, it’s an artifact of dynamic save such that they might spawn within sight of you, but they use the same vision and hearing systems the player does. If they get close they might be able to smell you, but that requires them to be pretty close in the first place.

Thank you all for the help, it’s sad to realize that I will never truly be free of these annoying creatures, but I suppose I’ll just have to set down about 100 laser turrets surrounded by sandbags or something. Though I have plenty of other questions being the newb I am, I’ll save them for another day. Once again, thank you and have a nice day! :smiley: