You stop breathing

Wha, what happened? I went to bed and just died with a sentence like this? What the heck? If this is about eating badly I’m fairly certain a human can survive off of mostly meat and water for a long time, especially with occasional protein shakes, healthy oatmeal, and just some other random noms. That game said to eat healthy that day, so I did, and I died. Hmm, is this some sort of messed up troll? "Oh ya you make sure today you eat really healthy and then you die! You aren’t allowed to eat good silly!"
If it isn’t that then what else is going on? If this is a new function it is a really dumb one, once you get to a certain point in a town (even a big one), it is hard to find anything to eat and drink other than meat and water. I didn’t get into summer even, so fruit from the nearby forest was not applicable. Anywhere with food that would be healthy and isn’t spoiled is blocked by hoards of zombies!
What am I supposed to do with this?

Sounds like a painkiller overdose.

Yeah, be careful with the more powerful painkillers Anesthesiologist is a pretty stressful job, because the difference between “this guy’s ready for surgery” and “this guy’s ready for the morgue” is a very small one.
If it’s anything more powerful than aspirin, be careful how many you take, and don’t eat 'em like popcorn.

Oh, well I’ve never installed bionics since they made you need painkillers so I didn’t know how much was too much, and I didn’t know how long it would take either and I didn’t want to have wasted a bunch of painkillers and time if I did the wrong amount.

One pill of OxyCondone or a shot of morphine in 30 minutes is enough for bionics, the thing should tell you whether the amount of painkillers you took is enough by trying to install the cbm (I think it’s 2 codeines, 1 oxy, 1 shot of morphine.) if it isn’t enough it’ll tell you how much you need, if you need stronger painkillers or how much time it’ll take for the pills to take affect.

Treat this game as you would in real life, don’t take 4/7/12 pills unless you want to die. Google what kind of painkiller it is and if it’s strong or not.

K, got it, do NOT take five codeine pills in a row… While I read the descriptions I don’t understand how drugs work much, my doctor says to take something, suggestion the amount, and usually I feel better. If I don’t feel better than it has no effect, obviously codeine has one tho.

If it’s an opiate, chances are it’s a strong painkiller. Oxy, morphine and codeine are opiates.

Opiates are very addictive, so make sure you’re careful or else you’ll get an addiction.

Just a bit of research could save your character (or yourself irl), so make sure you do so.

stop snorting cocaine

Cocaine would have given them a heart attack. Like everyone else said, painkiller OD.

ODing on poppy painkiller also stops your heart.

wait? cocaine gives you heart attacks but when i but on some edgy loud music and ridiculous stats and running around shooting, drinking vodka and doing random stuff, i spawned in like 200 cocaine and snorted/aye them all… aftwr like 50 turns i died of breathing… not hearth attack tho