Super Overdose Survivor

I wanted to share a story with you guys.
So, this has been the most dumbfounding playthrough I have ever had. I started this game as a high school student, with nothing special about him. Got a companion, raided a pharmacy, stuff like that. My guy got an infection in his leg and it got worse and worse, because I didn’t notice he had one. Then I entered the exhaustion dehydration loop with vomiting so my guy could never actually stay awake. I decided to take all of the drugs from the pharmacy we stole to kill this character. I did. 200+ aspirins. 40+ Diazepams. 50+ Tramadols. 8 morphines. 35+ prozacs. And over 40 something oxycodones. He has lived for 4 days. I am astounded, so I use debug to spawn in drugs, get this, over a hundred doses of heroin. He has tanked them all. Shot up 50 bags of meth. He is STILL ALIVE. He is having horrible health problems, but he just won’t die. It has been a week since the initial overdose, and dehydration. I have no idea how he is still alive. Will update if I manage to kill him.


He died of dehydration before any drugs got to him. Hundreds of doses of heroin and meth later he still wouldn’t die. Anyways this was fun. Just wanted to share this even if it was dumb.


Yeah… Cat can be a bit(LOT) nonsensical.

But I think this is part of what’s being worked on atm.

I do hope severe bloodloss is added too. Makes no sense for an NPC to tank a full mag from a .50 cal and still be alive.

LMAO. Meanwhile, 1 drinking glass of alcohol will kill you.

Ah, the wonders of realism.

(although to be fair, for the alcohol thing i did have lightweight trait)

You think you had a bad day? Just think about your companion!

“Oh dude, you don’t look good. Are you okay?”
“No man, my leg got a really bad infection.”
“Oh no! I’ll check if we have some antibiotics.”
“No! I don’t need these. Get me morphine instead!”
“Uh…? Really? But, dude, morphine doesn’t- Did… did you just take all 8 of them?!”
“Yeah. Now bring me Diazepam!”
“Okay? But… why? NO! Don’t take all of them! That can’t be healthy!”
“I don’t care! Get me some meth!”
“Man, I said: Get me meth! Get me 50 bags of meth!”
“Oh god… I’m getting a headache. Let me take some aspir-”
“No! Give me the aspirin! I want it!”
“Yeah yeah dude, you’ll get some too, I just need one-”
“No, I want all of them!”
“There are 200 of them. Surely I can take-”


Pretty much my mentality through that.