"You miss and stumble with the momentum..."

So I don’t quite get this. Using a Fire Axe, wearing riot gear. When I first picked up the axe, I almost never got this message. The gear my character is wearing into battle hasn’t changed at all (under 20 torso encumbrance) . But as my Melee/blade/blunt skill increased, it started happening a lot more. Now that all 3 are 5+, it happens maybe 1/3 times, 3 times in a row now and then.

I am having a harder time killing anything with the axe now then on the first day I started using
it and I don’t know why. I don’t recall this happening in any other run.

I am using 0.F stable, but am unsure if its .2, if that helps.

You’re not using any martial arts, are you?

Where do you even find books for them? I only found 1 in recycling center in city and some in dojo/barracks.

I’ve only ever found them in dojos, and I recently found one in a science bunker lab thing, whatever they’re called
I believe you can also just get good RNG and find them in regular houses, but that could be wrong or outdated

Brawling, don’t know if that counts. I can try turning it off see what happens.

I only ask because I had something sorta similar; using no martial art with my quarterstaff got me pretty high damage and consistent hits at like ~20 encumbrance, learned leopard style kung fu and started missing quite a lot
In my case, it was probably just because staves aren’t compatible with leopard style
Also had no idea how much pain would hurt my chance to hit until the realization got me killed

Changed from brawling to no style, didn’t seem to help. But your idea about pain making a bigger difference then I realized may have something to do with it. Now that I am further into the cataclysm, the zombies are getting stronger/more mutated. Which means the fights are causing more HP loss/pain then they had been at first.

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