Abrahms Martial Arts

Adds a number of basic martial arts that are auto-learned at level 1 of the appropriate weapon or other skill, and get stronger the longer you use them, eventually becoming very overpowered. (If you think a single character having almost 12000 kills by day 5 of summer is too much, including 15 shoggoths in one day, avoid this mod. That’s with Bojutsu style, by the way.) These styles are created with the medieval peasant profession in mind, but can be used by anyone. Every style has multiple small stacking bonuses with a long duration, as well as a static buff for every level of skill (up to 12). Generally, the more recently I created a skill, the stronger it is, so swordfighting is one of the weakest, while battoujutsu is the most powerful.

The current version is 1.2. You can download it at https://www.patreon.com/posts/abrahms-martial-39636302. It’s a public post, so you don’t need to follow or subscribe to download it, but I’d appreciate follows. The mod is created for and tested on 0.E stable, but should work in other versions.

Swordfighting: Auto-learned at cutting level 1. Typical fantasy RPG figher/warrior build. Focuses on strong attacks, with defense being split between dodging and blocking. Strengths: high damage. Weaknesses: not much defensive capability.

Heavy Knight: Auto-learned at cutting level 1. Meat shield. Focuses on stacking armour bonuses, and strong but low-accuracy attacks. Strengths: high defense. Weaknesses: Low offensive capability, low accuracy.

Battoujutsu: Auto-learned at cutting level 1. Fast-draw assassination technique. Typical chanbara movie highly skilled ronin build. Extremely dex-dependent style focusing on fast, accurate attacks, armour penetration, and dodges. Requires minimum 10 dexterity. Strengths: High damage, especially with high dexterity. Weaknesses: if your dex drops below 10, this style actually weakens you. Only effective with cutting weapons.

Knife-fighting: Auto-learned at piercing level 1. Typical fantasy RPG thief/rogue build. Focuses on fast but weak attacks against vulnerable areas, and high dodging ability. Strengths: high dodge, armour penetration. Weaknesses: high stamina cost, not good against groups.

Lancer: Auto-learned at piercing level 1. Spear-fighting style focusing on fighting against groups, crowd management. Strengths: crowd management. Weaknesses: low offense.

Club-style: Auto-learned at bashing level 1. Focuses on strong bashing attacks. Strengths: high offense. Weaknesses: low defense.

Bojutsu: Auto-learned at bashing level 1. Focuses on defensive techniques, knockbacks, knockdowns, stuns. Strengths: high defense. Weaknesses: low-ish offense at first (though it becomes powerful after a while, thanks to the stacking bonuses).

Blacksmith: Auto-learned at fabrication level 1. Modeled (as well as I could manage) after the Blacksmith class in Ragnarok Online. Huge stacking bashing damage and accuracy bonuses. Some crowd-control capabilities (AoE knockdown). Strengths: most powerful attack of all these styles. Weaknesses: not much defense, can only be used with a limited selection of tools, no actual weapons. Hammer, wrench, and rolling pin are the best weapons for this style.

Gunslinger, gunplay, movecosttest, speedtest: Ranged attacks aren’t affected by combat bonuses. So instead, they’re supposed to boost a character’s speed (move speed, reload speed), and allow for moving and shooting in a single turn (Run and Gun buff), but instead they slow the character down dramatically, sometimes with deadly effect. Movecost to equip a particular weapon goes from about 120 to about 108000. In other words, they’re borked, don’t use them, they’ll kill you. Still trying to figure out what’s going on, but it’s a bit black box-ish.

I’ll give more details about each style in separate replies, over time.

Here’s the latest version (developed for 0.F stable, but should work in experimental as well): https://www.patreon.com/posts/54321878
Removed the non-functional gunslinger martial arts. Blacksmith also seems to be non-functional at the moment, not sure why, but it’s still in there. At the very least, it won’t kill you like the gunslinger ones did.


Very nice! This actually fills in some gaps in the MA styles available in Cata.

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One piece of feedback. These do work fine on 0.E-2 stable, but after that up to pre-Nested Containers (Build #10614) uses a different format for the martial arts. Here’s one of the Boxing entries as an example:

“id”: “buff_boxing_static”,
“name”: “Boxing Stance”,
“description”: “A solid stance allows you block more damage than normal and deliver better punches.\n\n+2 Bash damage, Blocked damge reduced by 50% of Strength.”,
“unarmed_allowed”: true,
“flat_bonuses”: [ { “stat”: “block”, “scaling-stat”: “str”, “scale”: 0.5 }, { “stat”: “damage”, “type”: “bash”, “scale”: 2.0 } ]

Basically, they use [{ instead of [[ for entries like this. I’d recommend looking at some of the Build #10614 martialarts.json entries to confirm.

Thanks for letting me know.

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Ok, gonna try to add some more info on each style quickly, since I’ve moved on to other games for the moment.

This is the simplest one. Works best with relentless attacks.
Static buff Waving It Like A Featherduster gives bonuses to blocked damage and accuracy, and +1 dodge per turn, while the style is active.

Static buff Sword Training gives 10% bonus to speed, 1 + 0.1 per level bonus to cutting damage, 50% bonus to accuracy, for every level of Cutting Weapons up to 11, 50% bonus to speed, 4x cutting damage and 3x accuracy at Cutting Weapons level 12, while the style is active.

Buff Muscle Memory (requires Cutting Weapons level 3) gives +0.01 to every damage type and +1 to accuracy (a bit OP, I know) for every successful hit.

Buff On the mark gives +1 accuracy, +1 cutting damage, +1 cutting armour penetration for every kill.

Buff You Fight Like A Dairy Farmer activates on a miss, gives +50% cutting damage and is supposed to allow an extra attack per turn, for 2 turns, but I’m not sure the latter part is actually working. It also enables two techniques:
You Fight Like A Cow: Miss recovery (but not an actual miss recovery technique), +20% accuracy, +20% cutting damage
Every Enemy Ive Met Ive Annihilated: High level miss recovery, requires Cutting Weapons level 10; cutting damage x 99, accuracy x 99

Cutting Weapons level 2 adds 2 knockdowns, a lunge, and a miss recovery; level 3 adds Pommel Strike, which does 2x bashing damage, 0x cutting and piercing damage; level 4 adds an AoE spin attack on crits; level 5 adds a knockdown and stun; level 6 adds an impaling attack on crits; level 8 adds a dodge counter with +20% to all damage types.


Works best fighting enemies one at a time; high dodge makes it easy to avoid damage from groups of enemies, but drains stamina, and you can’t dodge when low on stamina.

Static buff Fighting Stance gives +2 dodge attempts per turn, dodge +2, dodge +dex/4, piercing armour penetration +dex/2, +20% speed, piercing armour penetration x 1.5, cutting armour penetration x 1.5, dodge x 2, while the style is active.

Static buff Knife Training gives +2 dodge attempts per turn, dodge +2, dodge +dex x (0.25 per level), piercing armour penetration +dex/2, +20% speed, piercing armour penetration x 1.5, cutting armour penetration x 1.2, cutting damage +5%, dodge x 1.5, for every level of Cutting Weapons up to 11, plus larger dodge bonuses at level 12, while the style is active.

Buff Muscle Memory (requires Piercing Weapons level 3) gives +0.01 armour penetration for every damage type, +0.01 dodge, +dex/10 dodge, +0.01 accuracy, +dex/10 accuracy, and a small speed boost for every successful hit.

Buffs Hit And Run (on hit), Footpad (on move), Hard To Hit (on dodge) all give dodge and piercing armour penetration bonuses. All require Piercing Weapons level 2.

Buff Double Slash gives an extra attack on the same turn, with 99x dodge and a bonus to piercing armour penetration, activated on a crit. Requires Piercing Weapons level 2.

Buff On The Mark gives +1 to accuracy, piercing damage, and piercing armour penetration for every kill.

Buff You Fight Like A Dairy Farmer is essentially the same as the swordfighting buff of the same name, and the techniques it activates are the same, except with changes to the damage type.

Techniques are mostly straightforward attacks, with damage, accuracy, armour penetration, and dodge bonuses scaling to level. Sweep Kick at Piercing Weapons level 2, and Eye Slash at Piercing Weapons level 6, are knockdowns.

DEBUG : Error: data/mods//AbrahmsMartialArts/battoujutsu.json: line 18:27: tried to start object, but found ‘[’, not ‘{’

    "melee_allowed": true,
    "bonus_dodges": 1,
    "flat_bonuses": [ [
                        "dodge", "dex", 2 ], [ "hit", "dex", 2 ] ],
	"mult_bonuses": [ [ "hit", "dex", 0.5 ], [ "damage", "cut", "dex", 0.5 ], [ "arpen", "cut", "dex", 0.5 ], [ "dodge", "dex", 0.5 ] ]

FUNCTION : bool main_menu::new_character_tab()
FILE : src/main_menu.cpp
LINE : 861

He knows, but is working on modding other games right now. The mod won’t work right now unless you’re willing to go into the jsons to change the [ […] ] to [ {…} ] for flat_bonuses and mult_bonuses for each martial art as Nonesuch as described, as the format for martial arts entries has changed in the experimental version. I’d have done so myself if it wasn’t a non-trivial amount of work.

Ah i see, well i guess i’ll just wait until he has time to fix the error.

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I’m actually back playing the game again for a bit, while on a break from Neverwinter Nights, but currently playing an older version so I can use my mod without updating it. Before I quit the game again, I’ll try to get an updated version of my mod out. Probably in a couple of weeks or so. Mainly just wanted to try making a few custom maps to see if I could override the game’s inability to generate starting locations for certain scenarios based on the map generation settings, but I’ve gotten wrapped up in the character I’m currently testing one of them with.

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its all good man. you do you.

Does this work on E.3 stable version?

Bojutsu is updated, assuming I didn’t make any mistakes. I’ll try to get the rest done over the next week or so, and then post an updated version.

Battoujutsu and club style are done.

:smiley: Two questions -

1 - The styles are still OP or they received a nerf?
2 - I’m currently doing some tweaks to the mod for personal use, but someone asked me to access to my changes for implementation on their mod. Do I have your permission to create a public repo with my changes to Abraham Martial Arts, so others can fork it for themselves?

I’m mostly focusing on making styles from the mod less OP (with Bashing 2, Evade 2 and Melee 2, I was doing 100+ damage with overheads using Bojutsu .-.)

I haven’t made any changes to my versions so far, but I intend to do a bit of work on Heavy Knight and maybe Blacksmith. So yep, still OP after a few hundred kills.

And sure, no prob, just give your version a slightly different name.

Thanks :slight_smile: I will, no problem.

Blacksmith is updated. Changes:
-Changed Hammerfall and Cart Revolution from critical techniques to regular ones, and lowered the requirements, to better reflect the source material (Cart Revolution is a low-level spammable skill learned through a quest as a Merchant 1st class, and is a Merchant’s primary attack, since they get no other attack skills; Hammerfall is a 2nd class (Blacksmith) skill, but also spammable).
-Added level 13 training with the big bonuses found at level 12 in my other styles.
-Added the missing accuracy penalty in the crit buff.
-Fixed a few inaccuracies in descriptions.

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Spearfighting is updated. Made a few tweaks here and there, but may make some more, as even with its crowd-control abilities, the style seems really weak compared to the rest.

And Swordfighting is done. Changes: increased damage of Riposte, Impale, and on-kill buff.

So only heavy knight is left to do, followed by some testing.