HoW2FiGht?! (am triggered)(solved by myself)

am so triggered! i had a jean jacket, a helmet and 10 encumbrance and this happened ![Scenshot_80106-02002190x3pload:/9gD0fS7iNkMI2FxMm8nyIJV.png)

i get that its piercing, but i swing wildly and miss, now my pain is over 200 and i might as well restart here! also he woun’t go on a tree (200 movement) or underbush (300 movement) becose he was somehow faster then me witch is ballony,i have the bare minimum to not be freezing in the daytime why does my character dosen’t know how to hold a sword? i bet its upside down or something becose this is ridiculous, at first i had 20 but i tropped the puch so am fighting whit 10 encumbrance! i swear i will… wait, THATS MY FAULT! the “remove bpc needs” also effects evemys, hes not freezing but i am… i think so, if he doesn’t slow… oh right 200 pain… EDIT:he was also armored but my slowness came from the freezing he diden’t even have becose of the npc needs disabled thing…

(the monitor flew out the window)