Would railguns get fouling?

Found a H&K G80 Railgun, no ammo unfortunately. It has a lot of fouling and from the description that’s a gunpowder thing, so technically I think it probably shouldn’t get it.

It probably shouldn’t. Probably an oversight.

It shouldn’t get fouling from use, but if it was dropped in mud or something, that may hinder its operation and require cleaning.

I vote for railguns to be henceforth named induction cannons. Now I’ll wait for someone more educated than I to explain that military grade railguns don’t use induction for propulsion. A ferromagnetic coilgun also seems like a nice name.

iirc there is a coilgun already, the one that is made from the nail rifle

Railguns actually SHOULD suffer from rail erosion, it’s a major practical problem with the technology.

Fair point, but that probably can’t be fixed with a pipe cleaner or conventional firearms repair kit. I’d imagine you would need to replace the rails entirely.

Yes that’s my point, erosion not fouling, the fix is totally different.

Sounds like it should probably translate to direct damage to the weapon, non-repairable like the hydraulic gauntlet from Aftershock is.