Addiction Withdrawal effects a bit extreme?


So I took one too many prescription amphetamine and now I have zero intelligence, zero dexterity, and zero perception? Isn’t this just being in a coma? I can’t walk two steps without collapsing. It seems I have both a withdrawal status effect and a depressant effect. The depressant debuff is massive, rendering the actual withdrawal effect irrelevant.

Suggest capping the depressant effect at a much lower number, or just removing the mechanic and instead increasing the ill effects of the base ‘withdrawal’ status. Even hardcore meth/heroin users going cold turkey are more responsive than my character.

Whoa. Yeah, addiction is bad, but you would be using amphetamine as pure fuel for the body systems to shut down like that.

Amphetamine is a upper, so it’s natural for the body to fall hard when it wears off, and withdrawal is just a major fall from having none of it in your system, but jeez. Even people on life support are a bit more… alive.

Yeah. I’ve had amphetamine withdrawal before irl. It sucks massively, but my intelligence did not drop to zero and I didn’t go blind.


I like it, its the game’s way to tempt you to start using again.

Is withdrawal causing the depressant effect? Or have you made a horrifying drug cocktail of Prozac and “miscellaneous”?

@Trigon Ha, no, I took the Prozac after I’d already had ‘101 depressant’ count. As anticipated, it was entirely useless. Also yes, the withdrawal is the cause of the depressant effect.

@Submarine I agree that there should be severe penalties, but a bit more nuanced than ‘You now have zero stats’. The withdrawal itself also gives you ‘shakes’ occasionally, and has it’s own inherent penalty, but the debuff from the depressant effect is so ludicrously strong it removes anything interesting from these other effects. Who cares if you have shakes when your body is non functional. This also makes all the withdrawal effects from various drugs exactly the same.

Another note - I found it very amusing that I could maintain ‘happy’ morale all the way through this. The morale penalty is relatively minor. I can’t see, I can’t move, I can’t think, but I’m in a pretty good mood! :+1:

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I have heard tale that alcohol and painkiller withdrawals are actually this bad IRL. There’s a story of a dude who kicked his morphing addiction by locking himself in his bathroom for three days and just suffering through withdrawals cold turkey. In reality a severe alcohol withdrawal can kill you. So honestly assuming your emphetamine addiction was fairly severe I imagine the withdrawal would essentially make you fairly useless for a good bit.

Again I’m not familiar with amphetamines so I can’t say anything with 100% certainty.

It’s depressant not depression . Prozac would be expected to do nothing. It’s referring to a depression of the ability of the central nervous system to function, not your characters mood.

As mentioned, I didn’t expect it to work.

Withdraw hits people like a freight train full of bricks and going cold turkey can and likely will kill you dependent on the drug. Hell even caffeine withdrawal will put you out of it for awhile (massive heads VERY little energy aches and chills and general anger and annoyance with minor things). With strong more additive drugs like Meth coke and such on you can actually die from it. My dad went through it once for drugs and he didn’t want to do jack. He couldn’t really think let alone think of getting up himself and when he did to go the bathroom he had to be supported the whole way by my step mom. So I honestly feel that’s fairly accurate with the inability to do anything save take more of the drug.

Yeah but it’s not a case of you take some amphetamines for a few days and bang, you’re a super-addict and withdrawal is life or death and you’re blind and can’t walk.

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I binged amphetamine for two days and it was seriously the worst, i thought i was gonna die.

Maybe it’s for in game balance or something idk, but yeah you certainly don’t go blind but withdrawal seriously fuck u up xd

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I don’t believe it’s possible yet - but a step down process of taking progressively less of a drug should be an option in game. It’s a process that would require management by the player - but thems the breaks if you have an addiction.
Atleast for things like depressants and stimulants - this is very much doable.

I could talk about how this works IRL, but for purposes of game play, a simpler process would do. Take your highly addictive medication, and simply go as long as you can tolerate before taking it again. Past a certain point, you should begin losing addiction - go for long enough, and you’d quit cold turkey (as normal). But in severe cases like Badger’s, that may not work for everyone in the cataclysm.

The actual time for it to be viable to take the medication and not maintain or gain addiction should depend on how fast it takes to hit full addiction penalties.
A step down program is to not fully suffer like you would going cold turkey after all - you’d only be moderately to minorly suffering, and at least functional. But it will take much longer than cold turkey.

I will grant that even as bad as it is in game; quitting cold turkey is far easier when you don’t have to suffer the effects personally.
I’ve have to wean myself off of several prescription stimulants, and I had to quit a particular anti-depressant cold-turkey - the latter was not pleasant, and I can say the step down/weaning process is far more preferable if given the option. I wasn’t black out depressed, but I definitely wasn’t functional for the week or so it took.