[WIP] TropiCataclysm: a new region mod

source: GitHub - Xaritscin/TropiCataclysm: a mod for the game Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead

Hello im Xarit from the discord server and this is a mod im working right now (not sure for how long it will be but its going places).

What is TropiCataclysm?

TropiCataclysm is a conversion mod inspired and based on Desert Region mod. instead of pulling the players out of the northeastern US and into an scorching wasteland the mod moves the setting to a much more lush and humid region located in the tropics.

This region is loosely based on Central/South America with some elements taken from Africa, Asia and Oceania.

Seasons have been balanced so you will live in a mostly warm environment but there is a slight variation on humidity and temperature that represents the typical patterns of a Tropical Rainforest/Tropical Monsoon ecosystem (hot and dry Summer/Autumn against humid and slightly colder Spring/Winter).

What can you expect from the mod?

As a conversion mod TropiCataclysm will replace many of the mobs and resources you usually find on vanilla Cataclysm so players will have to find different strategies to survive.

The long term plan is also to add a much more fleshing out to 4 factions present in the vanilla game which atm dont have much protagonism compared to the Blob or the Mi-Gos. TropiCataclysm is the perfect place to do a rework/improvement on the Mycus, Triffids, Bees and Ants but atm this is still previous to the drawing board.

New items and mutagens will be added in the future, and many of the harvestables you can grow will be inspired in tropical crops rather than what you are used to.

All of this is a Work in Progress so cannot give any any dates. if you want to test, the latest release can be found on Github. contributions are welcomed albeit im still learning how to use the platform.