I bet everyone reading this either forgot about that desert region type or didn’t pay attention to it at all.

Let’s call region types biomes, because that’s what they are in this case.

So far we have two region types (or biomes):
Default (Temperate Woodlands/Forests in New England)
Desert (Sand, sand, and more sand in who-knows-what)

The desert needs some work, one reason is because it was snowing. Another is because wildlife in New England is not supposed to be in deserts.

My point is not only the desert biome needs work, but new biomes should be added too (in the order of hottest to coldest)

Some random nerd: "But Xgen, how will different biomes still apply to the background and setting of this game?"
They won’t. That’s why a new background should be added to different biomes, but still with the main idea of a cataclysm that has happened.
Here are the biomes I been thinking about:

Sahara Desert: Sand. That’s pretty much it. Not many buildings, and when there are buildings, they are concrete homes and trading stations. Where there’s plants, there is water nearby. That should be one of the only easy ways to find fresh water. NPCs are not often found, but when they are, they are probably bandits. Two seasons: dry season and dryer season, hot temperatures during both of them. This should be a super hard biome to play in. Wildlife? Only when there is vegetation and water. Zombies barely appear in the open desert, but should be found in villages.
The background for this biome is when a hostile species (that happens to be zombies) was introduced to the Sahara desert. What then happens is a group of villagers hunting that species and selling their meat. The meat looked strange, but nobody cared about what it looked like. The meat was cooked and commercially sold at trade stations for a few days until people started getting sick. At the same time, the group of villagers had encountered too many zombie animals and some of them were attacked and killed. The rest of the group that has escaped were the first to realize that zombies are present. When they returned home to tell everyone that has happened, they were arrested before they had the chance to explain what is going on. They were charged with the indirect murder of over 50 people that has ate their “poisonous” meat. Their meat was no longer commercially sold in markets. Shortly after, the people who were thought to be dead got back up before their burials, and started biting the attenders. When news broke out, hordes of sluggish people already appeared in nearby villages. Very soon, the infection was spreading quickly and a zombie apocalypse in the Sahara has been confirmed. The cataclysm of the Sahara desert has begun. This story was made completely by me, copyright Xgen 2016.

Nevada Desert: Sand and shrubs everywhere. So many shrubs, it will be hard to drive a car through the open desert. Should have lots of motels and hotels. One idea that was mentioned before was a new building: a casino. The one place that makes Vegas worth visiting (or not if you have bad luck). It should be as big, or even bigger than a megastore. Should also have loads of gun stores, drug stores, gas stations, and random cabins. The NPCs should mostly be hostile due to the scarcity of water. This should be a hard biome to play in. Few zombies should wander across the desert but hordes of them in cities. Also here’s the link for the original idea-
The background for this biome should be that the cataclysm has spread from the northeast region of North America to the southwest region. That’s all I got.

Tropical Islands of Indonesia: Small pieces of land that are separated by the ocean. Do not drink water from the ocean for obivous reasons. Plenty of vegetation and wildlife on some islands. Therefore, plenty of food. Islands that are close to each other have bridges linking to them while the islands far away from each other don’t. The NPCs are generally friendly since they all have a common goal of taking their islands back from zombies. However, some would kill to protect their islands and property. Two seasons: wet season and dry season, hot temperatures during both of them. This should be a very easy biome to play in. Zombies are not really found in the open ocean, so they are almost always found on land. The size of zombie hordes depend on the size of islands.
The background for this biome is when sea levels dropped, zombies found a land bridge from Southeast Asia (a cataclysm started in Asia before Indonesia) to some Indonesian islands. The good side to the drop of sea levels is that many new islands have been formed. The bad side- zombies appeared, obivously. People already traveled to claim those islands but zombies came there first. Also, the zombies ate them. Zombies started to travel to different islands by man-made bridges and ate more people. Yup, that’s how the cataclysm of Indonesia started.

Amazon Rainforest: A rainforest mostly in Brazil with vegetation and animals all over the place. Some of the animals have mutated in a way that can kill you. Huge amount of land covered in trees where the open areas contain human settlement. Those settlements are very likely to be occupied by bandits, but should still contain loads of loot. Two easy ways to find fresh water is to collect rainwater and purify it or to collect pond water and purify it. NPCs are not often found, but when they are, they are probably bandits. Two seasons: wet season and wetter season, hot/warm during both of them. This should be a biome of average difficulty to play in.
The background for this biome… I haven’t thought about one yet.

Great Plains of North America: A large area of flatlands not very far away from the Rocky Mountains. Barely any trees appear, but completely covered with grass. Very few abandoned cabins around but may contain good loot. Bison are the best food source because they are one of the very, very few food sources. NPCs will be very hard to find and they will not attack unless provoked. The climate is generally dry, finding water is the biggest challenge of this biome. Very hot summers with cold winters. This should be a very hard biome to play in. The Great Plains are not very impacted by the cataclysm, but still should contain at least some zombies and mutated organism.
The background for this biome is when zombies migrated from the east to the west, some stopped at the Great Plains. Not many people who lived there noticed, and when they did, they killed some of the zombies. The people of the Great Plains kept zombies the least of they’re priorities since water was no longer being shipped to them.

Temperate Forests of Eastern Europe: Many woodlands and neighborhoods. A good amount of vegetation and wildlife. NPCs are here and there, but have a mixed level of aggression when encoutering others. The climate is decent, warm summers and chilly winters. This should be a super easy biome to play in. Zombies are also here and there, but not too much to deal with.
The background for this biome… Can’t think of any for this one too.

Temperate Forests of New England: The default biome. Balanced between wild and developed areas. Has everything you need if you look hard enough for it. This is pretty much the perfect biome… maybe too perfect. The aggression of NPCs are mixed, climate is perfect, and distribution of zombies are perfect. This should be the easiest biome to play in.
The background of this biome is in this link:

Canadian Alpine: A rocky and chilly biome of western Canada. Plenty of vegetation and animals, the only places where vegetation isn’t found are on the top of mountains. There are also a lot of caves and mines. Cabins and ski resorts should appear near mountains. Water shouldn’t be hard to find. NPCs are friendly because they are Canadians (not stereotyping). The climate is very chilly, both summer and winter is cold. This should be an easy biome to play in. The zombies are scattered and may contain useful loot on them.
The background of this biome is when the zombies on the west coast of America had no where else to go but north, so they went to western Canada.

Ice Desert of Antarctica: This biome is like a desert, but extremely cold and covered with snow instead of extremely hot and covered with sand. Vegetation? Good luck finding some. Wildlife? Penguins and fish. That’s pretty much it. NPCs? Nope. Climate? Unbearably cold. This should be the hardest biome to play in. There are not many zombies.
The background of this biome is when the scientists in Antarctica received a shipment of zombie organs for experimenting. However the experiments go horribly wrong and somehow, a scientist was infected. The infected scientist never told anyone about his condition, so everyone thought he was fine. He awoke as a zombie one night and eaten some his companions in their sleep, bit the rest. Eventually, everyone at the research facility has been infected and awaited treatment supplies from other countries. However, the requested supplies never came…

Ice Desert of Antarctica - hardest
Sahara Desert - super hard
Great Plains - very hard
Nevada Desert - hard
Amazon Rainforest - average
Canadian Alpine - easy
Tropical Islands of Indonesia - very easy
Temperate Forests of Eastern Europe - super easy
Temperate Forests of New England - easiest

If you actually read the whole thing, tell me what you guys think. Is it possible to make biomes happen? Or did I waste hours of research and making up stories?

It is possible to make them happen but default reaction of most devs to big projects like that is “cool - now go and do it in a mod” or "good, but we have bigger problems right now."
So it would probably be fastest if you gathered yourself a team of volounteers to make it.

[quote=“MrQwerty, post:2, topic:11748”]It is possible to make them happen but default reaction of most devs to big projects like that is “cool - now go and do it in a mod” or "good, but we have bigger problems right now."
So it would probably be fastest if you gathered yourself a team of volounteers to make it.[/quote]

Yup, the way cata works, either YOU do it, or someone else does it. But someone else only does it if he finds it interesting enough.
Biomes sound nice, but should be quite hard to pull off.

I like the idea of an added challenge from permanently hot weather.

I could try to start making biomes myself when school’s out. I don’t have much coding experience and CataModder doesn’t work anymore, so this will be a tough project for me. At least I have the trusty Notepad++ program with me!

Best read up on Cata mapgen for starters. Used to be complex.

Besides, i was under the impression that a mapgen rewrite is a WIP right now, and more parts of it will be externalized.
I could be wrong. Weren’t paying attention atm.

I really like this idea. I see one problem with it however.

The big difference between all these biomes is what the flora and fauna are like. However, the flora and fauna in the biome the game is set in right now don’t feel fleshed out. All the forests look more or less exactly the same. This was partially remedied by the implementation of different types of trees, but generally speaking, there is nothing to be found in nature except bushes and trees. Walking through a forest in cataclysm is really boring, because it’s the same each time. I think making forests more interesting and unique is a necessary step before making new biomes. There could be shallow streams, large outcrops of rock, mossy patches, large fallen trees, more unique types of plants and herbs, etc. Think like Unreal World, but (unfortunately) without the ability to distinguish between different altitudes.

tl;dr: I think we need more uniqueness and variation within the current biome before we get other biomes.

I agree, but who is going to make nature in this game more unique?

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