[WIP] Looking at the sky around player position

First PR is merged.
This thread exists to track ideas for further improvement:

  1. Displaying wind, temperature, humidity and pressure info in the same window.
  2. Allowing some weather to block viewing what’s behind it.
  3. Base weather type precision on Survival skill.
  4. Decoupling weather view from general overmap view or reserving z level 10 (or another one) for weather.

Open questions:

  1. How to represent wind?
  2. Should it include weather forecasts? AFAIU it may slow things down from somewhat to significantly. I still have to read the radio forecast function thoroughly.
  3. Should Weather Reader have weather radar-like features? (discussion below)

If I understand correctly on the current overmap view screen there is a fixed line number (6) for current tile info.

Should it be affected by ability to see or is it to much realism™ ?

Would a weather radar fit into a cbm ? If not I guess the cbm can’t have those feature.

It is already affected by using double sight_points that are used for map field of view. With a blindfold on you will see only one tile on this map.

First PR is merged :heavy_check_mark:
WIll work on further features in a couple of days.

At least for now let’s go without weather radars in CBMs, yes.

Looks like I forgot to commit the last rain color change.

you see 3 flying horrors circling above you in the sky


:slight_smile: Is it a reference to something?

No, but it reminded me about board game Arkham Horror, and there is “Sky” spot. Any monster who can fly always spawn there, and then can teleport from the sky spot to any other spot on the streets of Arkham on the field where investigator is standing and attack them.
And this game and that game has flying horrors. When i played couple of times, game loved to spam flying horrors on me all the time.

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