Vision range reduced

Up until today, when getting up onto the second story of a building, it used to reveal the map for a good distance around. Now it seems like it only shows me up to about three tiles away. Happened after update today, where prior update was a few days ago. Don’t see anything in changelog about vision radius changes, so it doesn’t seem intentional.

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Can’t check on this right now, but I know for sure that you’ll get reduced view distance if it’s raining/snowing/night or even just cloudy.
Also, your Perception, eye encumberment and (not) having Binoculars in your inventory might affect this as well (although, it shouldn’t have such a drastic effect).

Anyway, are you sure it was sunny out when you were on the roof / second floor?

0 eye encumbrance, never had binoculars this run, so their absence wouldn’t effect things. perception is same as normal.

as to the weather I am unsure. Wasn’t raining, but I wasn’t paying attention to whether it was cloudy or not. didn’t notice anything, but it’s hardly impossible that I missed a weather change.

I think this is the problem

Go to options, then, debug, and set the first setting to 15 or 20 if you want.
I hope I helped you.

Checked the setting, and it was already at 15. I suspect it was something weather related, as it seems to have fixed itself now.

iirc, that option its for the distance revealed when you start that save, and it doesnt affect anything beyond that.

Exactly, it should have no effect on anything beyond the map reveal at the start of a new game. You could turn this all the way down and still profit from the overview you’ll get on a roof / higher floor.

@hydroplatypus: Glad I could help you.
I’ve experienced the same about a week ago, but since I did not update my game I’ve figured it had to do with some other cirumstances - and since it was the same roof of the same building I’ve visited in a past life with the same character (stats, clothing, etc.), the only thing that was left in my case was the weather (or… a bug); hence my confidence in my last answer :smile:

Pretty sure this is just the ‘issue’ that you occasionally need to walk around a bit on the roof before the view distance updates. Happens on pretty much EVERY silo i have climbed. I have to circle the silo roof before the map view distance updates. Likely happens elsewhere on occasion also.

In my experience, the issue is less that you need to circle it, and more that you need to be closer to the edge.

Circling the edge is the best way to get full coverage in all directions though, so it is advisable where possible.