Wintertime Classes

I found many of the starting classes unsatisfactory, both in terms of the quantity and nature of the gear they start with. The first day of spring is basically still wintertime, and if you’re playing with 90-some days per season (thus approximating a real calendar,) it’s not going to get warm enough to wear most of the clothing player characters start with for long. The net result is that you have to spend a lot of time scavenging simply for clothes appropriate to the season that you start in.

I think that’s a bit silly. Every class included in this mod has gotten heavier clothing more suitable to wintertime, and generally is wearing more and better commercial or duty clothing. The points costs have gone up a bit, for those who care.

The following “Winter Clones” of existing classes are included:
Winter Survivor
Winter Mechanic
Winter Scoundrel
Winter Survivalist
Winter Police Officer
Winter Construction Worker
Winter Lumberjack
Winter Backpacker

Survivalist, Police Officer and Backpacker are significantly advanced from their non-wintertime starts, presuming that they either were wealthy in their pre-cataclysm lives, or else were actually issued a quantity and quality of equipment and training one would reasonably expect to see an American law-enforcement officer issued with.

I also added a “Winter Range Day Interruptus” class, simply because I wanted an excuse to add a character class which begins the game in possession of an M1 Garand and ammunition for it. It’s a family heirloom - how long can (great-great) Pop-Pop’s rifle keep you alive?

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