Straume's Custom Classes

Finally got around to throwing all my starting classes and their starting items into a mod. Adds stronger variations of current classes with more specific items.


Smart Survivor:

Stronger version of Survivor, with stuff I usually end up grabbing the first day, anyways.

College Student:

Pretty strong and balanced start, gives some really good starting items.

Wary Backpacker:

Stronger version of Backpacker.

Sly Scoundrel:

Scoundrel, but stronger and more fun. Definitely one of my favorite classes.

Army Medic:

MD but with some military gear and a lot of drugs.


Really powerful start. Lots of combat gear and skills to jumpstart your cataclysm.

Military Survivalist:

Modeled after Captain Price from the Call of Duty series.

Military Police:

Police, but with military gear.

Cyber-Security Officer:

Hacker, but with some combat gear and training.

Bionic Mercenary:

Definitely the strongest start out of all of the additions.


I like your class ideas but could you make a weak version that don’t start with so much gear/skills, I like the variety but rather have a more balanced (with the base game) experience.

(Not saying to get rid of your existing ones, as options are the spice of mods, just another version with less loot)

Okay, which classes and what loot were you thinking? I can add additional classes that are weaker starts, but I don’t know which ones you had in mind and what items you want them to start without… I could see the stronger ones like the mercenaries and the military ones starting with less, just more basic gear. I can just make them the Basic version of the other one, with less skills and items for less point cost.

Well since many of the classes have vanilla equivalents. I am thinking, College Student, Scoundrel & another version of the Backpacker that is different from the default one.