Will there be an optimization update on Android?

I noticed the bad reviews on Play Store. And most of the complaints are the game not launching. So I was thinking if there will be an update solely for optimization and generally making the game more playable on low end device(with tiles like undead people).

It is very very unlikely there will be any sort of optimization update for Android specifically.
Android will benefit from whatever optimizations the game receives, but otherwise gets very little attention.

Using very memory intensive tilesets like the one mentioned in the OP will be a problem if you have little memory. While there are flaws in our tileset implementation that enhance memory issues, at a basic level, using a very memory intensive tileset on a device with little memory will not work.

to be fair… because of lack of optimization, the game will take a lot more resources than most phone have/can handle… however, base game on a decent phone (the… i dunno… 200$ phone i bought 4 years ago had 2 gigs of ram built into it) can run the game… and phone technology is always getting better over time.

… this is a really polite way of saying ‘buy a better phone’ though.