So will the devs do update for android version (solved)

First will the android vwrsion get actually updated? Two:add sandbox mod or console or map editor so we can make like. A map or something what we can play in defense… also is there to repair the radio tower

As far as I’m aware, the Android version isn’t from the official project, its an offshoot from another community member. I’d go bug him :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thanks you also wht you think about the editor

Couldn’t you just use the debug menu to edit the map to your liking?

^ debug menu is a little strange, but its the closest we have to a sandbox editor, and has more versatility in a way.

You could probably also modify stuff on a computer and then export it to then phone somehow.

Unless a feature is highly requested feature, and fits Kevin’s vision of the game and then a dev is interested enough to add it, it will likely be faster to learn programming and add it yourself otherwise you could be waiting a (long) while.

The android version is updated with the rest of the game, but the version on the play store I believe is not updated. You can find the latest experimentals for android here. You can also check the android thread or contact the person who ported it, @a1studmuffin.


Yep, the Google Play beta version is no longer in active development and is basically only still around for legacy reasons. We won’t be revisiting Google Play as a distribution platform since it’s not a good fit for an open source game like Cataclysm.

For latest experimental APKs, just follow the link @anothersimulacrum posted above and manually install it to your device.

If you’re paranoid about installing APKs from an unknown source, you’re welcome to compile an APK from source - instructions are provided here.

With any luck you can get it working with F-Droid at some point!

Thanks alot i also got to catalysm by watching seth games review dont drink toilet water | catalysm dakr days ahead

Well my phone is not probably supported beacuse the game doesnt load Lenovo A6020a46. Gonna try older versions

Could you tell me which is the most stable version of the list? (to which you have found fewer errors)

Sorry, I don’t play on android, so I can’t.

I got the latest from the git repository, and crashes .(256mb phone RAM) Maybe that’s the reason.

I found out my phone didnt worked cuz i turned on software rendering also newest versions arearent github i think its on this

Okay… I’ll try it out in my potato phone :smile: