Update 8225 causes performance to tank hard

I went from 8205 to 8225 and it causes game performance to tank really hard. When I’m in a building or can’t see much, it’s fine. It only gets slower the more stuff is visible. When I save and go back to 8205, it’s just fine.

I didn’t even think a game like this could lag. I’m actually a little impressed.

Glad to see I’m not the only one. What is it, map memory?

It’s much better with 8229, but it’s still significantly slower, and it still tanks a lot around forests. I get the feeling it has more to do with new lighting generation, since now it can actually be dark inside a vehicle during the day.

8238 has solved all performance issues, seemingly by just frontloading it within the executable. Good work, guys. Thank you.

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Yea, same here. It’s unplayable now.

Updated from 8219 to 8227 android build.

Ram problems on my device are heavily reduced now. I can even use the MXotto+ tileset was stuck using ChestHole. Still can’t use MSX++LIVE but now much better off.

Whatever was done it worked great.

I’m still having noticeable performance issues with the latest 8228 Build for Android. Night and day from how it was about 5 builds ago. Regardless of tileset used.

This is with a fresh character and a fresh install. Something is definitely causing issues here. Anyone else on Android notice performance drops?

Have you installed any new apps from around when you started having lag?

It could be a RAM problem from a app that eats up alot of it,

I don’t think so. I’ve been curating this machine I’m on pretty well. Acer r11 Chromebook. 4GB Ram.

cashed data maybe? That stuff has given me problems in the past.

Resolved itself auto-magically with tonight’s build and a clean install. Who knows what undocumented secrets lurk in each commit ; ) Or with ChromeOS updates for that matter. Too many moving parts. Thnx for the replies btw.

Glad it’s working now.