Will Dynamic spawn still work in 0.6?


Yeah, it’s exactly the same as in .5 (except now zombies will also come back to life, potentially leading to giant armies of them as the dead ones revive and new ones spawn).

I’ve had no zombies spawn in my world so far, coming up on day 3. Including no child zombies in the parks. Have found CHUDs, giant insects, and wildlife however.

Good question. I am having trouble with it because every time I raid a house within the first 90 minuets of the game there are about 1-2 zombies in a town. Nothing huge, but kind of a nuisance. I’ve also run into a VERY LARGE amount of jabberwaks.
Not. Cool.

Zombies are spawned by noise with dynamic spawn, I guess if you saw one or two they aren’t ALL off until you do something.

It’s a common thing for people to make silent window openers to make it easier.

If I die and make a new character in the same world w/ Dynamic spawn, are the zombies supposed to be spawned before the allotted 90 minuet “free looting” period?

After that. Except special buildings like Hospital or Megastore. So maybe other defined-and-not-randomized buildings spawn them too before 90mins time limit.

Well, when that’s not what im getting. Is it a bug in the SDL windows version or should it be happening because my first character already spawned the zombies?

Oh, I hadn’t noticed that you mentioned starting in already generated world. That might be the cause. I just remember that before there was static spawn, some buildings (like those mentioned) had spawn right from start, before that 90min period came to an end.