Guns make noise?

So I came across this and thought I’d bring it up. Now I normally don’t use guns but this gun store I ran into litterally had hundreds of ammo, of all kinds! I think I wept a little when I saw it all. So I grabbed a shotgun and some .00 and thought I’d try it out, went outside and blew apart 8 child zombies (I feel bad for killing the little ankle bitters, but it was fun) and after that nothing happened… no swarm, no other zombies, nothing… But if I happen to smash open a window on a house lord help me it’s like the entire town comes after me in an angry mob.

So is this a bug or what? I imagine the noise a shotgun makes would make them swarm all over me but nada. Any clues?

Well shit, I hope it’s not a bug. Had you already ravaged the town by any chance?

Nope. First time in the town, it was past noon when I started shooting, so no reason for there not to be Z’s spawned already.

You are on dynamic, right? They’ll be along soon. just fire off a few more shells. They’ll pop into existence somewhere nearby. Careful, they might be trapped in some buildings where you can’t see or hear them.

Dynamic yes, the one where they spawn later in game after 9:30 or something like that? Odd thing was I was able to make it all the way back to base, through town, and nothing showed up :confused: Only one other Z was there, blasted him and still nothing else showed up… I was looking forward to trying out all the ammo I found too lol, Now I need a 9mm because there was around 500 9mm bullets there… and I’m not complaining.

I had the same issue with static spawns. At least you died to Zeds, i died to dragonflies. One minute i was killing rabbits for meat with my crossbow, ran out of bolts. Then i started using a Remington and boom! I was by the river side and my screen was filled with dragonflies…