i use a dynamic spawn but if start with a random scenario in a new world i have zombie everywhere…is a bug or is normal?

wat version.

sounds like you might have surrounded start or ztatic spawn on too

last build version…no, i use dynamic spawn and no surrounded start but only random scenario… and i have Always zombie at the start…last game i start with buildin on fire scenario and in a militar surplus location and i have died at the start because full of zombie

no…i have some trouble with the world creation…i have Always zombie at the start also with dynamic spawn

welll, the thing is . . . dynamic spawns have been removed as an option for gameplay.

theyve been replaced by wadering hordes

If you have those on but not static spawn Id suggest you lower the monster spawn density if its too hard.

ok, thk :O)

Since when? I just started a new char on an experimental from like a day or two ago and the option to set Static Spawns to False is still there. Does this just do nothing and I’m actually still playing with Static?