Is dynamic spawn different or no longer working in recent builds?

Playing experimental 2271, setting Static Spawns to “False” doesn’t seem to have any effect on what kinds of enemies I see on the first day, as evidenced by the shocker brute that just mauled me while I was scouting the outskirts of town. (Tried to flee on sight, but it followed me all the way back to the evac shelter. :P) Do dynamic spawns no longer ramp difficulty over time?

Yeah, Dynamic is pretty much dead now. Casualty of the more/less individualized critter-handling we need for static hordes. Sorry.

(More specifically, it loads the entire spawn pool into the city at one go, so no: no dynamic difficulty.)

Ah, thanks for the info. Guess I’ll be staying out of town until I’m stronger, then!

Why have the dynamic option at all, then?

so lemme get this straight - with static spawns zombies don’t respawn but other critters do?

My guess is deleting the option would be more trouble than it’s worth right now, and we may want to bring it back later on.

Also, yeah. Animals will respawn and shit, zombies don’t.

Holdover from when static spawn wasn’t ready to match its level with horses. It’ll probably get removed around version .C or so.

As mentioned yes, Zombies wont respawn, but critters do. However take note that Zombears, Antlered Horrers, Grim Howlers, are classed as Critters NOT Zombies, so they will keep coming to tear your face, and other body parts, off of your body.