Dynamic Spawn not working?

Hello everyone.

I have noticed this since I began playing Cataclysm DDA on version 0.A and it continues to happen on 0.B (Mac version, both cases). I hope this is just something I missed when configuring the world.
If I leave the settings to “static spawn: true”, the game begins with zombies already in it, as expected. However, when I create one with “static spawn: false”, that is with Dynamic Spawn on, the results are the same. Shouldn’t I be able to reach the city without any encounters for 90 minutes? One could argue that I took too long, but that can’t be it. I usually go outside, fetch a rock, make a makeshift crowbar and run towards the nearest house through the shorter route possible. I usually get pestered by the safe-mode alerts even before reaching halfway there! I have just played now and created a new world, reset it just for safety and got attacked by two skeletons and at least three types of zombies.
Did I do something wrong? Is this a mac issue only?

Thanks for the help!

We’re looking to shift to what we call “static hordes”, where the zeds exist on the map regardless of the reality bubble and can move from one map tile to the next. One change we made as part of that requires writing map entries for every critter in the area; with dynamic spawns, that’s several thousand critters and goes up as spawn pools for fungals/triffids/etc increase.

So we deprecated dynamic spawns. Currently, Static’s the only way we support for zeds. (Forest critters, etc still spawn dynamically.)

Sorry you missed the memo. :frowning:

And here I thought the dynamic spawn system was just changed to start spawning right from the beginning, and that the spawn pools were strangely low because I had very few respawns after killing zombies the first time. (Really though, I was starting to feel like it was cheating, what with being able to raid suburbs and find almost no zombies… but I suppose that must be how it works in static, too.)

Thanks for the heads-up. I hadn’t realised that the static/dynamic zombie spawns setting didn’t do anything. Now I can stop obsessing over it.

Thanks for the info!
Yeah, there are too many changes and memos I’ve missed, since I’ve been playing only since 0.A and just now with 0.B have I started to look at the forums and such.
I guess I can just stop worrying about it too and work on getting to play better so that I’m able to survive past the first day, hahaha.
I guess I should be waiting until night to do the raiding, but I need the food and equipment.