Is This Game Still Being Developed?

Is the game still being developed or is it just vaporware at this point?

I remember the game used to be updated semi-frequently but now it’s been two and a half years since the last update, so is it safe to assume the game is dead? I have troubles navigating these forums due to extreme dyslexia disorder so forgive me if the game has been getting updated and I just hadn’t noticed.

Don’t confuse stables with eperimental builds. Its rare to see a day go by without a new experimental. not sure when the last time more than 24 hours passed without at least one new experimental. been a bit of a hicup with some of the recent experimentals not sure what the last ‘stable’ experimental build was.

The game actually updates very often (like several times a week) small updates, you can get the most recent version using the launcher:

Download HERE:

Explanation HERE:

Simply put It finds the most recent updates for you and updates your game, it’s really good.

Yeah, like Litppunk said, this is for the experimental version, so it might be a bit unstable, but I think it’s worth it.

Ahhh my friendly shadow! Er… yeah I agree with Dem agreeing with me. Might have exaggerated the experimentals, though only because I was basing that on what I know the Github contributions are a minimum of daily, even if you only count one of the devs.

Rivet’s Github contribution history

Oh, okay! Thanks you guys, you really cleared the air for me. I was honestly getting kind of sad at the thought this game became abandoned because I enjoyed it so much, but you really opened my eyes.

NP. Its a more common mistake than you would think :slight_smile:

Dude you kidding this is updated EVERY day 99.99999% of the time.
The comunity and contributers we have here are bloody amazeing mate truly.

I mentioned this elsewhere (Reddit, I think), but methinks the site would get some benefit on at least an update mentioning the experimental versions and how they’re updated regularly. Comments on how the game never seems to be updated anymore seem to be common… I’ve noticed such comments a few times already, so having a little message to point out the experimental and how it’s far and beyond what stable version has in terms of content would be beneficial.

I mean, it could get some peeps interested in helping with developing the game, since for some it seems that this game is dead due to how long since the stable version was out, which might kill interest to new peeps into taking a look see of the game.

like a link to the ‘new features’ thread on the main page?

Or just more mention of experimentals on main page?

[quote=“Litppunk, post:9, topic:14292”]like a link to the ‘new features’ thread on the main page?

Or just more mention of experimentals on main page?[/quote]
There’s currently an issue with the main page that we’re working on resolving (mainly due to radio silence from the person who set it up originally/has access to it). The plan as far as I know is to eventually switch over to a new main page here (though as you can see it’s still being worked on at the moment).

not clicking that link this time >.>