Why does Hub01 consider me an arch villain?

I’ve been happily doing Hub 01 quests (the mind splicer mission was next to a mass grave, that was fun…) and I just looked at my faction relationships, and they are considering me an arch villian. Their mercenaries like me though…

What gives?

Hub 01 considers you an arch villain so that if you ever meet any of their members they will attack you on sight. Considering that you can only meet them by breaking into their base, it actually makes sense that they would receive you with hostility no matter how many quests you completed for them.

Hub mercenaries don’t hate you because you actually get to meet and interact with them and they aren’t supposed to try to kill you (unless you get them angry).

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Exactly that ^
Once we have a way for them to get mad only if you go where you’re not supposed to we won’t have to make them hostile by default.

I’m glad - I’d rather not piss them off unnecessarily…

In fact, no matter how much you do for hub01, you will be treated with a neutral attitude. If you say “they think you’re a big villain”… You may have killed their staff or broken into their territory building

Just wondered what was the reason for making them hostile if you see them? I know absolutely nothing about the coding involved in the game (so I’m probably digging myself a hole here haha). From what I see they don’t appear to be different to the Refugee Center NPC’s at least as far as they are NPCs and wouldn’t automatically agro against you.

I just didn’t know if were they coded to be hostile akin to bandits to stop people bursting in at a lower level and looting everything? They seemed like whilst being a very insular and standoffish faction that they would eventually let you in since you’ve proven yourself far beyond the other mercenaries.

I don’t mean any of this message to appear abrupt or critical I just genuinely wondered why.


When it comes to the hub01 standing, they treat you with a neutral stance, but you never actually meet them, just the artificial interface. Based on what’s been said above, I would guess the easiest way to implement them is to set them as hostile, so if you somehow get in, they consider you to have broken in and in the need of being eliminated.

The alternative would be to have them somehow detect that you’ve broken in and then immediately change the status to hostile, bypassing any kind of logic that exist for normal escalation. Since the only way you can get to meet them is to break in (or somehow have something else punch a hole into their “home”), it’s probably a whole lot easier to just have them hostile immediately when seen.

If hub01 gets developed further to the point where they’ll actually let you in, the standing logic would have to be developed to allow for that.

Any ideas how to receive “Hub 01 Ancilliary” trait, except debug?
Ttheir last quest is to find nanofabricator template. After that, they stop giving quests. I’ve found another Hub 01 facility (maybe map generation bug), but they gave me all those quests from the begining and finished after the nanofabricator template too.

It is not possible to.

The first time I found Hub01 was in a lab escape that I broke out of through an underground railway station. They apparently had an underground railway station too, at the far end of the tracks I followed. Naturally as I approached the end of the line, I started hearing all kinds of interesting things being screamed: “Help! A maniac!” “It’s broken through our defenses!” “We’re dead, game over man!” I honestly thought they needed help from something else attacking them, and weren’t yelling about me. Naturally, I learned that lesson the hard way, when I broke through the metal door and charged in only to collect a face full of bullets and the “Watch your dying moments?” screen.


hub01 clearly isnt finished, but even if u do all the quests and dont break in and check the faction list ‘#’ it says arch enemy or whatever